The Latest On The Mike Knox Situation, Val Venis Uncensored Video, More

– There is a video on in which a guy has his webcam turned on and is shown talking to Raw wrestlers Val Venis and Hardcore Holly on the phone. The host asks Venis which wrestling women he has had sexual relations with; Venis names Sable, Ryan Shamrock and a pre-Austin Debra McMichael. When talking about Sable, Holly is heard yelling in the background calling Venis a liar. Venis notes that Austin hates him because he got Debra before he did. Venis also notes "Kat" (Katie Lea Burchill) as the one Diva currently on the WWE roster in which he would like to get with, calling her "a tough egg to crack." Venis then passes the phone over to Holly, but not before he says the name of the show in his trademark Val Venis voice. The phone call occurred right before the start of WWE's international tour last week, as Holly said he was going on a tour of Europe for two weeks "tomorrow." During the phone chat, the host asks him if he's going to hook up with any European women during the tour, and Holly retorts with insults, calling them nasty, saying they don't bath, generally smell bad, and don't use deodorant. You can witness the whole thing at Warning: Video contains strong language.

– The Mike Knox situation appears to have blown over. His name wasn't on any of the steroids or GH bottles found in the Georgia residence, so it's going to be difficult for authorities to prove they were his, especially considering that three other wrestlers were living in the place at the time as well. The only real evidence they have against him is that documents with his name on them were next to the bottles of drugs found, which doesn't really prove anything unless one of the documents relates to drugs. Knox insists that the drugs weren't his and WWE believes him.

– Drew McIntyre, who is still listed on the Raw section on, is appearing on Florida Championship Wrestling shows these days. He is in a tag team with fellow developmental wrestler Stu Sanders called "The Empire." McIntyre last appeared in a WWE ring in early January, but was pulled off the road for reasons unknown.