What Happened After RAW, Test Arrest Note, Stacy Keibler, More

After RAW ended, John Cena put over the fans in Albany, NY He was attacked first by all the heels and Triple H made the save. It sent the crowd home happy but I (Ryan Clark) was there live and buzzed or not, that show plain sucked.

The wife of Joe Hennig, the son of WWE Hall of Famer "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, had a daughter two weekends ago. That makes Larry "The Axe" Hennig a great-grandfather, and would have made Mr. Perfect a grandfather. Joe, who started training for wrestling about a year ago, appeared in a tag match on SmackDown last September. Hennig teamed up with indy wrestler Steve Fender and lost to Jesse & Festus. Hennig never actually tagged into the match though as Fender took the pin.

In a recent interview with the StanfordAdvocate.com, WWE Vice President Bob Lee commented on the company's new initiative to market directly to children with the new "WWE Kids" magazine. Lee said, "This is part of a larger company initiative," Lee told the Stamford Advocate. "We're looking for a logical brand extension and WWE Magazine has had great success." Industry sources have called the move a "small and calculated risk" by the company.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ.com has picked up on the story of Andrew "Test" Martin's weekend DUI arrest. They made fun of Martin's clever in-ring name and said that he is "probably best known for having dated Stacey Keibler".

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