WWE Diva Turns 40, Terri Runnels' Return, New WWE Talent, More

– Former WWE Diva Terri Runnels will be making her first appearance at a wrestling show in a few years at the 5/1 UWF show at Colonial Harley-Davidson/Buell in Prince George, VA. She will also be working the next night's UWF show at Harrisonburg High School in Harrisonburg, VA. SadlerFoundation.org is holding an auction for fans to "manage" her at the 5/2 show.

– It was Vickie Guerrero's birthday yesterday. According to some websites, she turned 40 years old. WWE.com has an article on gifts Edge can give to "Vickie-kins" for her birthday.

– Derby City Wrestling announcer Timmy Baltimore, who signed with WWE last week, should be starting in some role for the company next week. DCW/OVW held a farewell party in his honor last week.

– There's an interview with WWE developmental wrestler & former Spirit Squad member Nic "Nicky" Nemeth at Wrestle-Complex.com. He said WWE requires most of the wrestlers to wear protective gear. "That's why they make us wear gear to protect ourselves. Knee caps, elbow cabs, and everything else. Guards and stuff, it can be dangerous if you don't have those things on, and it is required by the WWE as well. Well except a few wrestlers, but most need and are required to."