Backstage Mike Adamle Update Inside, WWE Signs New 7' Footer, More

The WWE website has an update on the Mike Adamle walk-out situation. According to the article, they reached Adamle for comment, but he refused to discuss anything. also added: "Speculation remains rampant in the locker room as well as in WWE offices and at headquarters. Some believe Adamle is quitting the company. Others say it's simply a ploy to make more money." According to the article, they believe that Adamle's walk-out was a result of a hostile environment at WWE events. "Superstars have not been shy about teasing the commentator about his on-air gaffes. Also, perhaps worst of all, Adamle has been greeted by shouts of "Please quit," "You suck," and even "Drop Dead!" from our fans in the rows closest to the announcers' table. The article concludes by telling fans to tune in to ECW on Tuesday to find out the deal on Mike Adamle.

For the record, ECW play-by-play announcer Mike Adamle is well aware that he's not particularly good at his job and that he's generally disliked. At Backlash on Sunday, Adamle was heavily booed by the fans.

Brock Lesnar will be in Las Vegas for UFC's show on May 24.

WWE has signed former World Wrestling Council wrestler Black Pain to a developmental contract. He will be reporting to Florida Championship Wrestling soon. Pain is billed as being 7 feet tall.

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