More On Warrior's Return, Test Rants Yet Again, Hogan Cheeseburger, More

Ultimate Warrior has posted a new blog on his website talking about his return to professional wrestling. A few years ago, New Wrestling Evolution contacted Warrior about making an appearance, but turned them down. "Graciously, even then they expressed their desire to one day bring me over just so the many Ultimate Warrior fans over there could have the once-in-a lifetime opportunity to meet in person one of the industry's most admired heroes," Warrior wrote. "I was humbled when they mentioned this was a dream they had. I am even more humbled now that they have returned and actually asked, and I am inspired that they are fulfilling their dream to build a Sports Entertainment enterprise that is serious and determined and unique. That the event is already sold out and they are not using my appearance to sell tickets speaks volumes to the success they are creating." Warrior also changed the layout of the blog, and it loads a lot faster than before.

Former WWE star Andrew "Test" Martin has posted a follow up on his blog last week ranting about the developmental wrestlers of WWE. He names the "2 out 90" wrestlers that actually have a chance in WWE. He has since taken this blog down in favor of one about his positive experience at an indy show last week. Here is his second blog regarding WWE developmental: "First off, I always have a good laugh at how things are taken out of context by the internet sites. Yes I said FCW has 90 guys under contract 85% of them know nothing about wrestling. Anyone who has made i in tis business has loved wrestling since they were kids. I also said as far as I saw 2 guys were ready to be called up...Ted dibiase jr and Nick Nemeth. these guys should be watching tapes of stars like Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Barry Windam, Scott Hall. I know when I was training I wasn't getting paid to do so but I still found time to train 6 hours a day work a job and go to the gym, all while sleeping on a childrens mattress on a concrete floor. Maybe these guys should be more concerned with learning how to wrestle instead of going to ocak bars and dropping the line I wrestle for the WWE in hopes to pick up some tail for the night. Why don't you try staying in and watching tapes that way you won't end up getting dui..take it from someone who knows. I don't care if this pisses people off, I never have, it's not like I'm looking to get my job back. I have other things to do with my life that don't include destroying my body. FCW has great trainers but instead of grabbing ex football players, bodybuilders, why not check out the indies where guys have been working for years. It's not like the fans can't see right thru a crapty worker. Does the name Braccus bring up any memories?"

WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji turned 74 years old yesterday. It was also the birthday of ECW referee Scott Armstrong, who turned 49.

It was reported a few weeks ago that Wal-Mart was selling Hulk Hogan endorsed cheeseburgers, hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. You can see an image of what the packaging of the "Hulkster Cheeseburger" looks like at

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