Yet Even More Facts On The Escort Service & Ashley Massaro

An old webpage from Bella Models lists a person by the name of Ashley Massaro, and that her booking fee was $25,000. There are no pictures, because the links are dead, so we can't tell if the Ashley Massaro in question is indeed the WWE Diva. The only information regarding Massaro listed on the page is that she's based out of New York City. It's interesting to note that the WWE site bills WWE Diva Ashley Massaro from New York City as well.

According to the Rolling Stones peice, the FBI monitored e-mails between Massaro and "Bella Models." The e-mails are from 2004, regarding transportation arrangements. The monitored e-mails were used to help build towards a search warrant on the ring leader of the escort service, Michelle "Nici" Braun. The search warrant was finally executed during a raid of Braun's home in October 2007.

The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer started the theory on there apparently being another model by the name of Ashley Massaro, and that the WWE Diva may be confused with a model of the same name. Braun's escort service was made up almost exclusively of high-end women recruited "from the ranks of Playboy models and porn stars." Massaro was involved with Playboy before she joined WWE in 2005, doing a few pictorials in 2003 and early 2004 under the name Ryan Mackenzie.

Braun had been soliciting Playmates through one of Playboy owner Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, and "was willing to solicit other Playmates and [Hefner] girlfriends" to her.

Regarding the possibility of there being another model by the name of Ashley Massaro, no one's been able to actually find anything on that. All research on "Ashley Massaro" points to information on the WWE Diva. The WWE Diva does have a friend by the name of Loredana, an Italian model who looks similar to her in some pictures, but obviously, it's not her considering that she's in pictures with Massaro.

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