A Supplemental WWE Draft?, HHH/SD! Update, J.R, More

As best I can tell right now there will NOT be a supplemental draft this year. So what you got on RAW is what you get. That could change but two people I talked to today say there won't be one. I really think there needs to be something more on WWE.com.


Moving to Tuesday's for Triple H is actually more convenient for him these these days with Stephanie pregnant and off the road.

Not that this means anything but RAW is actually in the hometown of Jim Ross next week. (Okalahoma City, OK). The first thought that I got when Ross was drafted was that Vince must have got word about his blogs over and over stating that he did not want to be drafted. Things like that make Vince gitty and he'd likely do something like that just to 'screw' J.R if he found out what had been written.