Full 2008 WWE Draft Results Inside Here, More

Here are the 2008 WWE draft results:

  • Rey Mysterio drafted to RAW.
  • Jeff Hardy drafted to SD!.
  • CM Punk drafted to RAW.
  • Matt Hardy drafted to ECW. (He brings the U.S title with him.)
  • Jim Ross drafted to SD!. (J.R was pissed and it showed.)
  • Michael Cole drafted to RAW.
  • Batista drafted to RAW.
  • Umaga drafted to SD!
  • Kane drafted to RAW. (He brings the ECW title with him.)
  • Mr. Kennedy drafted to SD!.
  • Triple H drafted to SD!.

That's it! The full RAW report posted here on the site contains the results of all the matches and what led to the draft picks. These are just quick results of who went where.