Heyman Comments On J.R To SD!, Mysterio Update, More

Rey Mysterio says he expects to return to the ring the first or second week in July. In a video interview with the Mirror in the U.K. published this week, Rey said he's recovered faster than expected from major bicep surgery, but he wants to feel comfortable with his condition before returning to the ring. "It seems like my recovery has been really good," Rey said, "even better than expected; an incredible recovery."


Yesterday, WWE posted a poll on their website asking which superstar will be most-missed from the Raw brand after this week's Draft. With 380,000 votes cast, Jim Ross was leading the vote with 60.1 percent, followed by Triple H with 19.9 percent.

Paul Heyman chimed in on Jim Ross being drafted to Smackdown during a UK Sun blog on Friday. "No one is talking about Who Tried To Kill Mr McMahon (yet). But they're sure talking about JR going to Smackdown. And that's exactly what Vince McMahon wants. He wants you talking about something. Anything, damnit. Just talk about WWE." Heyman added that he's surprised that Ross was so surprised by the move. "He knows Vince as well as anyone, besides Stephanie, Shane and Kevin Dunn... What clues did Good Ol' JR miss? Was it the way Vince dogs him on the plane and would encourage Triple H to join in on the fray? Was it the way Vince has, on multiple occasions, demonstrated the desire to send him out to pasture? "Psssst... when they try to replace you three or four times, they don't all of a sudden change their mind and say: 'Hey! He's our type now! We want him long term!' Maybe I'm surprised that JR was surprised because I personally wouldn't have stayed if I was propped in a hospital bed with part of my colon in a medical waste container awaiting word on cancer and watching my boss do a 12 minute skit about pulling my head out of my arse." To read the full blog entry, visit the TheSun.co.uk.