Hulk/Linda Saga Continues On, Cena/HHH Original Plans, More

Earlier this afternoon, Hulk Hogan filed a motion with a Florida court asking for permission to back out the joint purchase of a $4.2 million Las Vegas condo with his estranged wife Linda — because the economy's "unstable." The legal documents, which can be viewed online at, states that Hulk and Linda bought the condo April before their divorce battle began. Hulk says that when the deal was made when "the parties were living together and [Hulk's] career was in tact. Furthermore, the economy was stable." Celebrity news site also reports that Hulk claims that an appraiser he hired found the condo to be worth $1 million less than an appraiser Linda used. Hulk willing to lose the their $840,000 down payment just to walk away.


WWE originally had plans to run the John Cena vs. Triple H match at SummerSlam. However, the decision to hold it at Night of Champions was made sometime after WrestleMania 24.

WWE held a WrestleMania press conference in Houston earlier today, but there wasn't much to it. Vince McMahon was there, but never appeared before the crowd or media. The conference pretty much consisted of a few softball questions and the stars giving some soundbytes.