No ECW Title, Taker's Return, Triple H, Backstage RAW News

With the exception of Triple H and perhaps Batista, nobody at the show had any idea they were being drafted until their name was read live on the air.

Where's Ashley Massaro these days? Massive heat, 'nuff said.


How terrible is it for WWE to do an angle where a scaffolding collapses pinning a man underneath it when the same thing just happened in real-life killing a worker from TNA two weeks ago. That's wrestling for ya, folks.

ECW currently has no world title belt for the foreseeable future. Neither does RAW but they could have done a deal on ECW where Punk challenged the winner after the PPV match with his Money in the Bank briefcase and brought the belt back to ECW, but they can't even do that because Punk is off ECW as well.

Many of you have been asking about my little note about "Taker and Triple H not being on the same brand. The problems between the two go back several years ago and are political in nature. My hunch is that Triple H will work Tuesday's while "Taker it out with nagging injuries. When "Taker returns, I'd expect him over on RAW unless Triple H switches back before then. I'd factor 'Taker into the Vince death angle but that's just my feeling.