Ric Flair Returns On RAW - Full Details Inside

Ric Flair just returned moments ago on RAW. Here is a recap of what went down from 411Mania.com's RAW recap: Chris Jericho is out now. He has the mic. He's notice a difference in the way people have treated him. They're wondering how could he do what he did to Shawn Michaels. He shows us the footage again. Jericho can't believe they boo an honest man and he's done with it, and that's why what happened to HBK last week was the fans fault. He came back to "Save Us" but he's realized that they don't want to be saved and that they don't deserved to be saved because they connect with a back-stabbing hypocrite like Shawn Michaels. He says he hasn't changed, he's still one of the greatest performers around. He says the fans have changed. He doesn't need or want them to cheer for him any more. Michaels says he does what it takes to get ahead, and when Jericho did the same thing they turned on him. They forced him to do it, and now he's punishing Shawn Michaels for the fans' sins. He says it's ironic now that Shawn's blood is on their hands. Can they live with themselves? They want Shawn, and Jericho wants Shawn out there too, in fact he demands it and gets a "H-B-K!" chant going. But Shawn's not coming out, because he's a coward, a worm, a liar?WOOOOOOOOO! Ric Flair is here! We cut to commercial as Flair stares down Jericho? ?we come back and Flair is in the ring. He gets in Jericho's. "What have you got to say now?" Flair snatches the mic and tells Jericho to shut up. Flair says Jericho knows Shawn isn't here. He's not here to talk. He's retired so he can't wrestle any more, but he wants a FIGHT! NOW! IN THE PARKING LOT! Flair bails and goes to the back. Jericho eventually follows. Jericho walks into The Game, and he says he should reconsider this. Jericho says it's not his business. Triple H says ever since Jericho came back to save us, he's been looking for an opening to make it his business, and he wants to fight Jericho. Jericho backs off. When they returned from break, the following occurred (once again taken from the RAW report) Flair and The Game talk. Flair is pissed and he doesn't need The Game to fight his battles. Vince is here, and he can't have Flair interrupt his show because he's retired, so he has security escort Flair from the building. Triple H asks what his problem is. Vince says he doesn't have one, but Triple H does ? The Game vs. Chris Jericho ? tonight! This was quite the nice surprise.


Hey, did you know the Night of Champions PPV is one of the Million Dollar Mania winners birthday? LOL! And was another guy about to tell Vince to 'Suck It'? And Vince's line to $16 winner Becky "You go girl" was hilarious as well.