TNA Slammiversary Results - June 8, 2008

TNA Slammiversary Results – 6/08/2008
Desoto County Civic Center, Southaven, Missippi
Report by: Richard Gray of

We're live on pay-per-view from Southaven, Mississippi even though TNA is passing the event off as from Memphis, Tennessee (Southaven is actually on the outskirts of Memphis although it is in a different state) for TNA Slammiversary. The pyros explode as Mike Tenay welcomes us into the show. Don West joins him on commentary as the cameras pan the crowd.

TNA X Division Title Match
"Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey WIlliams (c) vs. Kaz

The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the TNA X Division Championship. The challenger, Kaz, makes his way out to the ring first. X Division Champion 'Maple Leaf Muscle' Petey Williams comes out next with Rhaka Khan and Scott Steiner.

The bell rings and we're officially underway. Petey Williams is wearing a face guard to protect his recovering broken orbital bone. They lockup and the match gets going. Kaz takes Williams down to the mat for a brief one count. Williams battles back with a cross-body and a one count of his own. Petey Williams tries for a Canadian Destroyer early, while Kaz goes for a Wave of the Future. Neither connect. Williams gets thrown out of the ring once, Steiner pumps him back up. Again Williams to the outside, Kaz follows. Rhaka Khan gets in the face of Kaz as Williams connects with a DDT on him on the outside.

After the DDT, Williams rolls Kaz back in the ring. He takes advantage of the opening. He whips him off the ropes into the corner turnbuckles. Williams taunts Kaz in the ring. He picks him up and kicks him in the legs. Spinning heal kick from Williams onto Kaz. Williams drives his elbow into Kaz's throat and gets a quick two count. The referee argues with Scott Steiner on the outside as Williams connects with a closed fist. Kaz is able to counter into a two count. He connects another move and another two count. Kaz roles to the outside but Williams goes off the top and gives Kaz a hurricanrana.

Williams rolls Kaz back into the ring where he continues his assault on the Challenger. Inverted back breaker before a neck breaker on Kaz from Williams. Petey Williams is completely in control of the match but Kaz tries to battle back with right hands. Williams connects with a rake to Kaz's eyes then a suplex. Williams applies a submission hold on Kaz on the mat. Kaz gets back to his feet and uses a series of shots to back Williams off. Williams counters, throws Kaz off the ropes but Kaz counters with a dropkick. Both men are down in the ring.

Kaz hits several chops and forearms followed by a cross-body. Williams counters, slamming Kaz to the mat for a two count. Kaz hits a sling shot DDT and a two count. Don West says Williams just isn't ready to give up the belt. Williams capitalizes with a Russian leg sweep. He teases a Canadian Destroyer but Kaz counters. Williams counters again for another near fall. Williams climbs to the top rope, Kaz gets a kick off to his face. Kaz follows up but climbing to the top. He's going for the Flux Capacitor. Williams teases his finisher, Kaz counters. The fight continues on the top as Kaz throws Petey to the outside.

Kaz connects another innovative move and another near fall. Rhaka Khan gets in the ring and eats a dropkick from Kaz. Steiner throws a lead pipe in for Williams, he connects on Kaz. The referee was distracted, checking on Rhaka Khan. Williams only gets a two count after the dirty shot. Kaz is busted open. Williams goes for his finisher but Kaz counters into a roll-up and a two count. Williams locks the Sharpshooter on Kaz, he's got a crimson mask on his face. Great moment there. Kaz hits Wave of the Future and another two count.

Kaz goes to the top but Steiner gets on the apron and stops him. Kaz takes out Steiner then Williams then knocks Steiner off the apron. Out of nowhere Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer and the three count.

Winner: Petey Williams

After the match, Rhaka Khan and Steiner work Kaz over. Steiner asks where his title rematch is and asks why he is not on the damn show tonight. Steiner says that their scared and they don't want a guy like him as the World Champ. Kaz is bleeding pretty heavy in the ring. Steiner says he's going to screw Kaz. He says he's going to make sure he doesn't show up for his title shot on Tuesday. Abyss' music hits and he comes to the ring. Abyss hits Petey Williams with a Black Hole slam. He gives one to Steiner. Rhaka Khan tries to knock Abyss out but he grabs here and fights her off. He nails a Black Hole slam on her as well. Abyss' music plays.

- Eric Young interrupts Tenay and West, he says that the King is on his way. He's not talking about the King of the Mountain but Elvis Presley. Tenay tells someone to take away as his Red Bull while West accuses him of being drink. They show a seat in the front row reserved for Elvis.


JB is talking to Kevin Nash in a taped segment. Nash says that his relationship with Samoa Joe is about business. He says that they are friends but he looks at him like an investment. He says he has a lot of stock in Joe and if he wins tonight, Nash wins. Nash says if Joe loses, he loses.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Gail Kim, ODB & Roxxi vs. The Beautiful People

Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Moose (what they are calling Mickie Knuckles) are out first. Gail Kim comes out next, Tenay sells her storyline injury. ODB is out next. Roxxi is out last.

Gail Kim and ODB work over Moose to start things out. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky watch from the outside. They end up throwing Moose to the outside, Love and Sky walk down the ramp. Kim and ODB chase them down and bring them back. Roxxi goes at it with Moose. Roxxi goes to work on Moose inside the ring. Several right hands by Roxxi, bringing Moose to the mat. Moose drops Roxxi face first and gets a near fall. Moose tags in Velvet Sky. She continues the assault. Velvet tags in Angelina Love who hits a dropkick right in the face of Roxxi. She follows-up with several right hands. Moose is tagged in, she connects on knees to the head of Roxxi.

Moose lifts Roxxi above her head and slams her to the mat. She gets a two count. Moose brings Roxxi back to her corner and tags in Velvet Sky. Velvet Sky locks in her octopus submission while biting the hand of Moose. Roxxi finally counters and kicks Velvet in the face. The crowd chants 'Roxxi' as Love encourages a tag from Velvet Sky. Gail Kim is tagged in who hits Velvet Sky with a clothesline and several rights. Kim hits Angelina Love on the apron with a clothesline. Cross-body from Gail onto Velvet off the top rope. Angelina ends up working Gail over from the outside.

Velvet Sky works on the 'injured' knee of Gail Kim, followed by an elbow drop. Kim nearly steals the win with a roll-up but Velvet Sky counters and gets a tag to Angelina Love. Love goes to work on the former Knockout Women's Champion. Angelina assaults Gail in the ring, taking advantage of her storyline knee injury. Angelina applies a single leg crab on Gail Kim. Gail battles towards the ropes but Love pulls her back to the middle of the ring. Gail finally makes it to the ropes but the referee has to force Angelina Love to break the hold. Love tags in Moos. She works over Gail. Moose locks a bridge submission on Gail, ODB comes in the ring and breaks the hold.

Moose puts another submission hold on Gail Kim. Gail makes it to the ropes again but Moose is reluctant to break the hold. Gail counters with head scissors. Gail battles back with right hands, she misses a spinning kick and Moose counters. Gail counters and tags in ODB. ODB knocks Velvet Sky off the apron and works over Moose and Angelina Love. Fall away slam on Angelina Love from ODB. ODB gets a drink from her flash and spits it in the face of Moose. She connects on Moose. Now all six Knockouts are involved in the match. In the ring, ODB is in control of Moose. She hits a running powerslam and gets the three count.

Winners: Gail Kim, ODB & Roxxi


A taped segment with Rhino talking about the King of the Mountain match tonight. Rhino says tonight he will prove that he can sit on top of the mountain once again. He says when he wins the match it's about a second chance that starts tonight.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
The Latin American Xchange vs. Team 3D

The following match is for the TNA World Tag Team Championships. The challengers, Team 3D, are out to the ring first. LAX is out next with Salinas and Hector Guerrero. They have the TNA Tag Team Championship belts with them.

Brother Devon and Hernandez start things off. The bell rings and the second title match of the night is underway. They lockup and go for the opening control. Devon hits a couple of stiff right hands followed by some chops. Devon whips Hernandez into the ropes, Hernandez hits a shoulder block and gets a tag to Homicide. LAX double tames Devon as Homicide is able to get a two count. Devon tags in Brother Ray. Ray looks pissed off (he has great facials) as he locks up with Homicide. Ray misses a right hand and Homicide throws him to the mat with an arm drag. Homicide taunts him.

'We want tables' is the chant from the crowd as Brother Ray and Homicide circle one another. Ray hits a scoop slam. Homicide counters with another big arm drag into an arm bar submission. Ray is able to get back to his feet, rakes the eyes of Homicide. Homicide kicks Brother Ray right in the gut. Brother Ray has Homicide up on the top rope. Homicide goes off the top with a dropkick. Devon gets in the ring and Hernandez is in as well. Hernandez sends Devon to the outside and leaps to the outside. Brother Ray also goes to the outside and Homicide leaps outside as well. Homicide rolls Brother Ray back in the ring, connects another maneuver and gets a two count.

Homicide goes high risk to the top rope but Devon throws him off from the outside. Hernandez argues with the referee as Salinas checks on Homicide. Brother Ray kicks Salinas then takes out Hector Guerrero. He slams Homicide off the guard rail and back into the ring. Brother Devon is in the ring now with Homicide. On the outside, Brother Ray holds up the TNA Tag Title belt. Brother Ray hits a corkscrew move on Homicide. Right hands from Devon onto Homicide. Brother Ray connects a couple of cheap shots from the apron. Team 3D double teams Homicide. Devon tags in Ray.

Ray goes to work on Homicide and locks in a submission hold on him. Homicide goes off the ropes but is caught in a side slam by Brother Ray. Devon gets tagged in and he goes back to work on Homicide. Ray hits a scoop slam on him. Devon goes off the middle rope but Homicide counters by extending his arm. Hernandez tries to get Homicide to tag him in. Salinas bangs the mat from the outside. Hernandez is in but the referee doesn't see the tag. Team 3D double teams Homicide in the corner. Now it's Brother Ray assaulting Homicide in the corner with an open hand slap. Devon is tagged in to continue the control. Devon sets Homicide up on the top rope but Homicide battles back.

Homicide hits a jaw breaker on Devon off the top rope. Hernandez tries to urge Homicide to him. Hernandez comes in the ring, Devon gets a tag as well. Hernandez throws Brother Ray over his head, then Devon. Hits a clothesline on Ray. He hits a suplex on Devon with a high verticle. Arm drag takedown by Hernandez onto Devon and he tages in Homicide. Homicide off the top with a cross-body on Ray. He gets a two count. Devon makes the save but Hernandez comes back in. He ends up getting slammed in the middle of the ring by Brother Ray. Devon goes off the top while Ray sets Hernandez up for the What's Up. Homicide pushes Devon off the top. Hernandez gets a mid-ring slam on Brother Ray. Johnny Devine hits the ring with a kendo stick. Hector Guerrero takes care of him. Salinas goes off the top rope and hits What's up on Ray.

Now, Devon is in the ring taking care of Homicide with Brother Ray down in the ring. Devon connects several rights on Homicide on the top rope. Hernandez comes up and puts Devon on his shoulders. Homicide connects with a clothesline. Hernandez is able to set Ray up to eat a Frog Splash from Homicide. Devon pulled the referee out. Another cheap shot from Team 3D on Hernandez. Out of absolutely nowhere Homicide catches Ray in a roll-up as Devon is going for a 3D.

Winners: LAX


In a taped segment, Robert Roode talks about the King of the Mountain match. He says tonight the talking will stop and he is going to prove to everyone in the locker room that he is for real and that he is a main eventer.

Awesome Kong's Open Challenge

TNA Knockout Women's Champion Awesome Kong comes to the ring with Raisha Saeed. JB comes out with Kong and tells the crowd that any lady over the age over 18 will win $25,000 tonight.

Serena (didn't catch the last name) and Josie Robertson say that they want to compete. Kong picks Serena who signs the release. Serena gets in the ring to square off against Kong.

The bell rings as Serena goes for a takedown on Kong. Kong tosses her hard to the mat. Serena gets on the back of Awesome Kong but is slammed right down to the mat. The fight goes to the outside where Kong slams Serena's head off the guard rail and again. Josie, the other girl, talks junk from the outside. Kong takes her out and then goes back after Serena. Kong roles Serena back into the ring. Implant Buster from Kong onto Serena for the three count.

Winner: Awesome Kong

After the match, JB asks Kong if she wants to fight Josie from Memphis. Josie signs the release then quickly slaps Kong in the face. She actually gives Kong a fight before getting slammed down on the outside. Kong rams Josie into the guard rail. Chops from Kong onto Josie. Kong hit her hand on the ring post, allowing Josie to actually gain control. Josie gets in the ring and tries to take Kong out when she gets in the ring. Kong goes to work on Josie in the ring. Awesome Bomb on Josie for the three count.

Winner: Awesome Kong

The Aftermath:

Eric Young interrupts Kong's music and says that this is the reason why you all came to see this pay-per-view. He introduces Elvis Presley. An Elvis imitator comes out. He says 'thank you, thank you very much'. He says that it's been a long time but finally The King is back in Memphis (they're in Southaven, Mississippi). The Elvis imitator gets in the ring and asks Awesome Kong how she enjoyed visiting his house in Grace Land. He eats an Awesome Bomb, her music plays.


A taped segment of Christian Cage talking about tonight's King of the Mountain match. He says that recently he has set the TNA Championship free but now he still loves being the best. He loves being the measuring stick and the champ. He says that all his peeps will say that The Instant Classic is the most qualified. He touts his win/loss record and his TNA career.

Jay Lethal/So Cal Val Wedding

A pastor is in the ring for the Jay Lethal/So Cal Val wedding. Ace Young from American Idol is introduced. Kamala is introduced next, followed by Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. Koko B. Ware is out next with Frankie (the bird). George 'The Animal' Steel is the final 'groomsmen out to ringside. Steele didn't use the entrance ramp but came around the side.

Sonjay Dutt and the 'maid of honor' Sarah Dunnigan come out next. SoCal Val is out last. The pastor says if anyone has any objections to speak now or forever hold their peace. He asks Jay if he takes Val to be his wife. He asks Val the same. Sonjay interrupts and says he has something to say. Jay Lethal tells him to stop but Sonjay says that he is talking to Val. He confesses his love for Val.

Sonjay says the man that she is going to marry tonight isn't going to be Lethal, it's going to be him. Dutt gets on his knees and begs her. Jay Lethal pulls him away. Sonjay wrecks the wedding props and hits a hard shot on Lethal. Ace Young comes in the ring and eats a right hand from Dutt. Dutt takes out Koko B. Ware only to get worked over. Kamala comes in to double team Dutt with Koko B. Ware. Val is taken away from the ringside area by her maid of honor. Jake Roberts gets his python from under the ring. He lets it out of a bag and sets it on Sonjay. He freaks out as George 'The Animal' Steel eats the turnbuckle cover.

The segment ends with Sonjay retreating. The legends are in the ring with Jay Lethal.


A taped segment with JB and Booker T airs. JB asks Booker if the fact that he is bitter is going to hurt him in the King of the Mountain match tonight. Booker said that TNA begged him to sign and they promised him more money than anyone can count. Booker said that television ratings have increased and that PPV buyrates are up. He said that more people are watching TNA than ever before. Booker said that all he got was a locker room that smelled of elephant urine. He says that tonight he will take what is rightfully his – the TNA World Title. Booker says that it is a power that no one can take away and it is a title that will change the equilibrium of TNA. He says that in the WWE he was told what to do but here in TNA – that will not happen.

Grudge Match
AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is out first with Tomko. A.J. comes out next, both have hoods on. A.J. lowers his as he makes his way down the ramp. Kurt looks to be in great shape, we'll see how he looks once the bell rings. Referee Earl Hebner tells Tomko to get out of the ring. Tomko goes to the outside but he's still at ringside. The bell rings and we're underway.

Styles and Angle lock up. Kurt puts some mat wrestling on AJ. AJ is able to counter out and they're both back to standing positions. They lockup again as Angle takes Styles down with a side headlock takeover. Styles counters but Angle hits a shoulder blocks. Styles connects on three arm drags before sending him to the outside. Angle regroups with Tomko on the outside as he gets back in the ring to take on Styles. Angle kicks AJ and hits a European uppercut. Styles hits a tremendous dropkick as Angle goes off the ropes. AJ follows his counter with right hands.

Tomko distracts Styles, Angle is able to rake him in the eyes. Angle stomps AJ in the corner of the ring. Angle doesn't connect on a running shoulder block as AJ connects on a high flying spring board. AJ gets a two count. AJ goes off the ropes and eats an elbow from Angle. The shot sends Styles to the outside. Earl Hebner backs Tomko off AJ on the outside. Hebner ejects Tomko from ringside. While the referee was distracted, Angle cheap shots AJ into the rail.

Angle argues with Hebner over Tomko. AJ uses the distraction to connect a flip dive over the top rope onto Angle. Angle immediately grabs the back of his neck. Styles rolls Angle back into the ring and gets a quick one count. Back breaker from Styles onto Angle. He gets a two count. Scoop slam from AJ onto Angle. Styles hits a knee drop on Angle and another near fall. Angle starts backing Styles off. The crowd is slip, half for Angle, half for Styles. Angle tosses Styles over his head onto the mat. Angle tosses Styles over his head and gets a two count. Kurt locks a submission hold on the mat on Styles.

Angle breaks the hold and connects several right hands to the face of Styles. Angle applies a sleeper hold on Styles. AJ looks to be bleeding from his mouth. Belly-to-belly release overhead suplex from Angle onto Styles. He connects another and gets a series of covers. Angle applies a chinlock submission on Styles. AJ battles back to his feet and goes off the ropes. Angle stops him with a knee to the lower midsection. Angle hits a great back breaker and a two count. AJ has a bloody nose, it's not coming from his mouth.

Angle hits some European uppercuts on AJ in one of the corners. Angle taunts Styles with knees to the face. Angle sets AJ up on the top rope and lands stiff right hand shots. Kurt gets on the middle rope and hits more right hands. AJ battles back with his own punches. Kurt goes for a superplex, Styles counters off the rope and face plants Angle. Both men get back to their feet and have an exchange of right hands in the middle of the ring. Angles uses more uppercuts but goes off the ropes and eats a series of clotheslines. Styles hits a suplex on Angle for another near fall.

Angle strikes AJ in the face with some knees. Angle hits a couple of German Suplexes, now AJ counters with his own suplex. Both men are on the mat again. The referee starts the double count out. AJ gets back to his feet first, he does but ends up eating another German Suplex. Angle goes right for the cover but only gets a two count. What happened was AJ went for the discus move but Kurt counters to the suplex. AJ connects out of nowhere on a kick to the back of Angle's head. Both men are down. AJ get back to his feet but eats a belly-to-belly suplex from Angle. Another near fall. Kurt stalks AJ in the ring. Styles gets to his feet and Angle goes for the Angle Slam. Styles hits a DDT on the former TNA Champion. AJ gets a two count.

AJ drives an elbow to the back of Angle's head. He goes for Styles Clash. He counters and ends up locking in the ankle lock. AJ breaks it and sends Angle face first into the corner turnbuckle. Styles hits an inverted DDT and another near fall. Styles goes to the top rope with Angle on the mat. Angle gets up and gives Styles an Angle Slam off the top rope. He gets a two count. Angle takes the straps down on his singlet and goes back to the ankle lock submission on Styles. Out of nowhere, Styles gets Angle in a roll-up and a two count. Styles hits his Pel? Kick and gets a two count. Styles goes for Styles Clash but Kurt counters and gets Styles back in the ankle lock.

Angle has the ankle lock on AJ in the middle of the ring. AJ finally counters out but Earl Hebner is knocked out in the process. AJ wraps his feet around the neck of Angle and sends him to the outside. Karen Angle comes down the ramp with a steel chair. Karen teases that she is going to give Kurt the steel chair. Styles is able to use this to his advantage and hits the Styles Clash and get the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ and Karen embrace in the ring to celebrate the victory. Kurt gets up and hits a chair shot on A.J. who had his back turned. Karen slaps the taste out of Kurt's mouth. Kurt teases a punch on Karen, she jumps out of the ring. Kurt goes right back over to AJ. Security comes in the ring but so does Tomko. Tomko takes care of security while Angle locks the ankle lock on AJ Styles.


Lauren brought in Joe for the pre-match interview. Joe said he plans to be the cure for some sort of sickness in wrestling. He said the warrior isn't rewarded anymore, but rather the opportunist. Joe gave himself the "out" if he loses to an opportunist/politician. Joe said the TNA fans are sick and tired of the politicians in wrestling and he is the man to cure this.

- They focused on the King of the Mountain match history where the champion hasn't walked out still champion.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
King Of The Mountain Match
Special Enforcer: Kevin Nash
Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode vs. Booker T vs. Christian Cage vs. Rhino

Kevin Nash, the match's special enforcer, comes to the match first. They are currently building everyone of the challengers by showing promotional videos, so it will be long...

After over 10 minutes of videos, Joe finally gets in the ring and lifts the TNA Championships up. But hey, isn't over yet! Jeremy Borash is in the ring with the introductions. He acknowledges the King of the Mountain match-up as tonight's main event. JB says that we're live from Memphis (ugh, that's so annoying). Rhino is introduced first followed by Robert Roode, Christian Cage, Booker T, and finally TNA Champion Samoa Joe.

All five competitors start the match ineligible. You have to get a pin or submission to get eligible. If you get pinned or submit you go to the cage for two minutes.

The match starts with all five men brawling. Samoa Joe works on Rhino, Robert Roode and Cage fight on the outside. Rhino helps Christian with Roode. Booker and Samoa Joe go at in the ring. Rhino throws Roode into a ladder. Booker chops Joe on the outside, they exchange chops. Rhino and Cage take out Roode in the ring. Booker and Joe continue to fight up the ramp. Christian throws Rhino into Roode. Cage and Rhino hit a double-team suplex on Roode. Booker is giving it to Joe on the ramp. Cage takes a bad landing out of the ring and tends to his knee. Booker covers Rhino in the ring, he only gets a two count. Booker gets another cover. Christian is on the outside selling his knee.

Rhino fights Booker off and right out of the ring. Joe and Rhino circle on another inside the ring. Inverted atomic drop from Joe onto Rhino. Joe goes for the pin but Roode interferes. Roode gets whipped into the corner by Joe. Joe chops the back of Roode in the ring. He drops a knee to his face. Christian is back in, he goes at Joe but Roode goes after him. Christian counters with a DDT. Now Joe backs Christian down with slaps. Booker is down inside the ring. Hard kick from Joe onto Cage.

Christian is on the top rope, he goes off but Joe ends up getting a power slam. Booker T goes at Joe but he hits a power slam on him as well. Christian goes off the middle rope with a forearm shot on Joe. He gets a cover. No one is eligible. Joe kicks Christian in the back of the head while Christian is on the top turnbuckle. Joe kicks Christian in the face once he goes off of the top turnbuckle. Christian roles out. Joe was in the ring alone but Booker takes him to the outside and goes to work on him. Booker takes care of Samoa Joe on the outside, including slamming his face on the announcer's table. Booker gets in and gives Rhino a Book End and gets a three count. Rhino in the penalty box, Booker T is the first man eligible.

Booker goes up to Nash, the Special Enforcer, and take the belt from him. Booker grabs a ladder and tries to hang the title. Joe stops him from the outside. Booker beats on Joe on the outside. Christian Cage connects on a drop kick from inside the ring on Joe and Booker who are holding the ladder. Roode nearly becomes eligible with a pin on Cage. Christian and Roode go back and forth in the ring as Rhino gets out of the two minute cage. Joe gets in the ring and lands a slam on Christian Cage. Joe dives out of the ring, over the top ropes on Roode, Rhino, and Booker T. Meanwhile, Christian cage gets on top of the King of the Mountain penalty box. He flies off the top onto the other challengers.

Cage goes for a table under the ring. He sets it up but Roode connects with some right hands. Cage roles Roode into the ring and throws in a ladder after taking out Samoa Joe with the ladder. In the ring, Christian has a ladder but eats a steel chair shot from Roode. Roode pins Christian to become eligible. Robert Roode is now eligible. Out of nowhere Rhino pins Roode to become eligible. Rhino is now eligible. Nash works Roode over to get him into the penalty box.

Rhino starts to climb a ladder in the ring but Joe knocks him off. Now Booker and Samoa Joe go at it in the ring as Christian and Roode fight in the penalty box. Booker misses an ax kick and Samoa Joe uses submission. Christian jumps off the top of the penalty box with a frog splash on Booker. Christian Cage is now eligible. Booker goes in the box as Roode comes out. Christian climbs the ladder but Roode throws him off. Roode makes his way up the ladder with the belt but is suplexed off by Rhino. Christian makes his way up but Joe takes him off with a huge bulldog off the ladder. Great spot. Rhino hits Gore on the TNA Champion. Joe is the only man not eligible.

'This is awesome' chants from the crowd as Rhino and Joe are down in the ring. Cage on the apron, Nash on the outside. Booker comes out of the penalty box but he doesn't appear ready. Nash handed Rhino the belt but Booker took it from him and gave Nash a shot with it. Booker lays out Joe then Roode with the title belt. Then Christian who tried to stop him. Booker's alone in the ring wasting time with the title belt and the ladder. Booker climbs the ladder but here comes Nash. Nash takes a shot on Booker then powerbombs him off the ladder.

Cage goes through the table after a shot from Rhino. Roode is in the ring, sets up the ladder. Joe is on the mat. Now Joe and Roode arm wrestle over the TNA title belt. Joe hits the Muscle Buster on Roode. He gets the pin to become eligible. Samoa Joe is now eligible. Joe is all alone and, guess what, he is able to climb to the top of the ladder and hang the title belt to become the 'King of the Mountain'.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe gets his hand raised with the TNA Championship. Kevin Nash comes in the ring and shakes his hand. Joe applauds Nash as he takes his towel and the pay-per-view cuts to a promotional video.