Tons Of WWE Draft News: Possible Spoilers (Part 2)

The WWE Draft takes place tomorrow night on a special 3-hour edition of WWE RAW. WWE has promised to shake things up – here's the latest Draft news. Keep in mind that NONE of this stuff is confirmed:


– Jamie Noble works as a backstage producer/agent on SD! so don't expect to see him move.

– There could be something to Lance Cade appearing in the main event of RAW last week. There is talk that it could have been a setup to send him over to possibly ECW as a top heel.

– There were rumblings that Randy Orton was a candidate to move to Smackdown before he broke his collarbone. And now there are rumblings that Batista could join him on RAW in a new Evolution faction that would likely feud with Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

– Umaga is expected to be traded to SmackDown.

– As stated on WWE RAW this week, The Undertaker will not be a part of the Draft.

– Don't expect Triple H to go anywhere other than RAW.


– Back in 2002, WWE did a live draft for television and a secondary draft with the results posted on the company website. A number of mid-level and lower-level wrestlers had to log on to the WWE site late at night after the draft to find out about their futures. It's expected that WWE will do something similar this year by announcing some of the trades on after RAW as well as on ECW and SmackDown! later in the week.