Update On Lance Cade's Push, Other Stars Echo Carlito's Feelings, More

WWE has had plans to move Lance Cade into a higher profile role for the past few months, they were just waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger and it came this past Monday when he did a run-in during the main event in a beat down of John Cena & Triple H. At least at one point, WWE's plan was to move Cade into an upper midcard heel role on Raw, replacing Umaga's spot on Raw, who has been tapped to move to SmackDown. All this explains why Cade was distanced from former tag team partner Trevor Murdoch.

Regarding Carlito's comments on Triple H's position with World Wrestling Entertainment and his marriage to Stephanie McMahon at a press conference last week, a large percentage of the WWE roster share the same sentiments. However, there is a key difference as they keep their feelings to themselves and say it in private. A number of people have strong feelings over Triple H's position in the company, but it's a subject matter that almost everyone is smart enough to never talk about publicly as it's practically political suicide.

Here is this week's Billboard Recreational Sports DVD chart. As you can see, the WrestleMania XXIV dropped one spot to the Road To Super Bowl XLII DVD. Below is the full chart:

1) NFL: Road To Super Bowl XLII
2) WWE: WrestleMania XXIV
3) WWE: Twist Of Fate: The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story
4) WWE: Backlash 2008
5) UFC 81: Breaking Point
6) MLB: Red Sox Memories: The Greatest Moments In Boston Red Sox History
7) WWE: Tagged Classics 2003: Backlash/Judgment Day
8) UFC: Ultimate Knockouts 5
9) NFL: Super Bowl XLII Champions New York Giants
10)WWE: Triple H: The King Of Kings

Shane McMahon recently made the trip to Tokyo to celebrate the opening of WWE's newest international office in Japan. He met with national celebrity and highly respected Japanese TV personality and announcer, Mr. Kusano. The two generated a lot of media attention throughout the nation including a picture in the Tokyo Sports newspaper on June 17th.

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