Val Venis Videos?, Burke's Comments On Miz Edited, Vince Notes

Raw star Val Venis is posting videos regarding his political beliefs on Justin.TV. You can see his account at He broadcasts live, although the videos aren't archived. This past week, former WWE star A-Train appeared on his show to discuss politics.

In one of Elijah Burke's recent columns on, a comment he made regarding the The Miz was edited out. He originally wrote: "A lot of you will be glad to know Your Host of Hosts have been in talks with WWE Films to star in the new movie Blade 4: Rise of the Black Pope! A new breeder was tapped to play the lead villain but somewhere along his journey he lost his fangs. Unfortunately my homie Wesley Snipes won't be available for the role since he's on a 3 year vacation. I will say this however, because of Wesley I will make sure to give Uncle Sam every penny I owe him, even if he's a fictional character alongside Santa Claus and Charles Montgomery Punk! Speaking of Santa, do you know the difference between Santa and The Miz? Well, Santa rides reindeers while Miz rides rats. Hoo-Rah!" The last two sentences regarding The Miz were edited out of the column. The original piece was posted on Burke's official MySpace page, noting that it was "TOO HOT for"

Vince McMahon appeared on "Your World With Neil Cavuto" on the Fox News Channel earlier today. Cavuto asked McMahon if he was trying to buy viewers. He said he was simply buying free media. The host then said that people would probably just tune in for the money and then not watch again. McMahon didn't really reply to that remark. McMahon then asked Cavuto if he has even seen Raw. Neil said "Never." Vince then said that he was the kind of guy WWE is trying to go after.

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