Yet Another WWE Legend (Bret Hart) Involved In Altercation

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, a rather interesting incident took place at the Class of 2008 "Hall of Fame" dinner in Waterloo, Iowa last night.

While an induction had taken place earlier in the day on Saturday, during Bret Hart's speech for his father Stu Hart, Bret mentioned Greg Oliver of Slam Wrestling who had accepted the Jim Melby Memorial Award for wrestling journalism along with writing partner Steve Johnson. Bret reportedly went off on Oliver in his speech and talked about the sacrifices the wrestlers have made and loved ones lost in the business and how "one of us" doesn't deserve to be here.


He basically stated either he would go or Oliver would have to go. Some of the older wrestlers in the crowd gave Hart a standing ovation for what he said. Based on what is known, Oliver didn't leave despite Johnson attempting to leave to try and prevent a bad situation from starting. When Oliver didn't leave, Hart did along with some other wrestlers and it created what was described as a very ugly vibe. Bret's attack on Oliver is believed to be a result of Oliver's book "Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Canadians" where he listed Bret Hart at No. 14 behind same rather non-popular wrestlers among the greatest Canadian wrestlers of all time. While Oliver did acknowledge him as one of the best known Canadian wrestlers of all time, he added, "Hart can hardly claim to be the best ever."


Footage of the event was filmed so expect it to appear soon.