Abyss' TNA Status Update, Moose Irate Over YouTube/Injury Video

Abyss has been off television as of late for two reasons. He was tapped to feud with Scott Steiner upon his return, but Steiner suffered a knee injury at the Sacrifice, aggravated it at a house show last month, and then needed surgery. Also, TNA doesn't want to overuse him anymore as they think they exposed him too much before his time off earlier in the year. During his time off, Abyss worked backstage, learning different aspects of the wrestling business, but he has since stopped.

According to the wife of IWA-MS promoter Ian Rotten, Mickie "Moose" Knuckles was livid when she found out that someone had posted a video clip of her breaking her leg at an indy show this past Sunday on YouTube. The video garnered over 70,000 views in less than two days before it was pulled sometime late Tuesday/early Wednesday. When you search "Mickie Knuckles" on YouTube, it says also try "mickie knuckles breaks leg," which then leads to similar variations of the phrase. After being pulled, the video was copied and posted again a few times, but they've since been deleted too. Also, Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter have both been in touch with Ian Rotten regarding Knuckles' condition. Taylor also spoke with Rotten and said that Knuckles has a spot waiting for her in TNA as soon as she is ready. Here is what Rotten's wife posted on the IWA-MS message board: We definitely want the clip pulled but not much we can do about it right now since we are at the hospital. Mickie was livid when she found out that someone would post that clip and that someone would even be making videos at the show. In an update that should make our fans a little happier and we know it will make Mickie breath a lot easier when she gets out of surgery... Ian has spoken with Terry Taylor and TNA has told him that Mickie's spot will be waiting for her in three months, six months however long it takes to come back from this. Terry Taylor has told Ian that Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter both have called him today asking if he has any news on how Mickie was doing. So that is definitely great news. Mickie has been back in surgery for a little over an hour now as I type this. We haven't gotten any updates but we will get on here and post something as soon as we do. We would like to thank everyone for their kind words as it has eased Ian and myself's minds as we sit in the waiting room here at the hospital. We know that it is those positive thoughts that will help Mickie pull through this and come back stronger than ever. Again, I will post an update when we get it as they said it would take 1 - 2 hours for the surgery and she should be getting towards the end depending on how long prep time ran after they took her from us and into the surgery room.

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I hope you're having a good weekend so far. We've got the TNA Victory Road PPV tomorrow night to cover and will continue posting news over the weekend as we normally do. Thanks for supporting us and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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