AM RAW, iMPACT!, Brooke Knows Best Ratings, ECW/RAW

AM RAW on 7/26 did a 0.8 rating.

The TNA iMPACT! replay on 7/26 did a 0.3 rating.

The 10PM ET main airing of Brooke Knows Best on 7/27 did a 1.3 rating. The midnight replay did a 1.0 rating. The noon airing on 7/27 also did a 1.0 rating.


WWE was handing out flyers at RAW last night that advertised the 12/1 RAW taping in Washington, D.C. as a RAW/ECW taping. This may indicate that the plan remains to move move ECW from the Smackdown taping to the RAW taping, but just later than planned.