An Incident At An Indy Show, Freddie Prinze, Jr./WWE, Goldberg, Terri

The Mike Levy incident from a few weeks ago is now being investigated by police. The incident saw North Carolina independent wrestler Mike Levy get beaten up badly by wrestlers Devon Moore, Tank, Ian Rotten, and Rotten's son after Levy following his match with Mickie Knuckles at an IWA show. The reason for the beatdown was apparently because Levy left a knot on Mickie Knuckles' face during their match. Ian Rotten, the promoter of IWA, later said that Levy got his ass kicked for the right reasons and claimed that Levy was fine afterwards and happy he could still be part of IWA. Once press attention started coming in, Rotten said the beatdown was an angle and part of the show. The officer investigating the situation says he isn't so sure the beatdown was part of the show.


Many mainstream media outlets have picked up the WWE hiring Freddie Prinze, Jr. story. One of the goals WWE had when hiring Prinze was to get the type of media attention they are now.

Bill Goldberg will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" game show.

SLAM! has a good interview up with Terri Runnels at