Big Update On Brian Kendrick's New Gimmick, Batista, More

The paperback edition of Batista's autobiography will be released on 11/25.

To update you on Brian Kendrick's new gimmick that he worked under at last night's SmackDown taping, Kendrick worked as a heel with a large African American bodyguard. Kendrick's bodyguard is Rycklon Stephens, a WWE developmental talent billed at 306 lbs. According to our correspondents in the arena, Kendrick was wearing what looked to be an old white Shawn Michaels leather biker-like jacket. Apparently the gimmick change was to give him a distinct identity now that he is working as a singles wrestler as opposed to a tag team wrestler with Paul London. Regarding his push, I have been told for months that WWE management has had bigger plans for him.