Bret Hart Shoots On UFC, Hogan & Others

WWE Hall of Fame legend Bret Hart was interviewed this week by The Hitman talks about mixed martial arts, what the pro wrestling industry needs, his disdain for Hulk Hogan and more. Here are the highlights:


UFC & Mixed Martial Arts: "I'd never do UFC. I wasn't good enough and I was smarter than that. I have a lot of respect for UFC guys, but I still think they're not getting the money they deserve, especially when I see them taking all those head shots. You can see the brain cells just vanishing when they get hit five, six times. It's the kind of brain damage you carry around forever. You can't put a price tag on your brain and I know that better than anyone else [since a concussion ended his career]. I have a lot of respect for it, but it's not something I would have done, since I put too much value on my brain cells. I don't mind pretending to bash somebody's brain cells out.

What Wrestling Needs: "It takes one certain guy. It seems to be the case all the time. One guy seems to be able to ignite the industry. There's lot of good wrestlers out there, but I think they need to make some adjustments with the story telling."


Hulk Hogan's Classless Comments about John Graziano: "I think he showed his true colours. He's washed up. He exposed himself. It's pretty callous. I think he dug himself an even bigger hole on Larry King. He was always selfish. Everything Hogan ever did was for Hogan. That could have happened to anybody. We all have kids that age. I know I wouldn't have handled things the same way. I would have been very remorseful."

Who He Keeps In Touch With: "I'm pretty close friends with [Roddy] Piper, Stone Cold [Steve Austin] . . . I stay in touch with Edge, and Chris Jericho is a pretty good friend of mine."

What's Next for Him: "I'm going to try to write a novel. I'm going to pursue getting my autobiography made into some sort of film. I'd like to see it be an episodic thing, like The Sopranos . . . I've had some pretty interesting discussions. Brad Pitt's film company came to me. I haven't heard back from them, but there's been good interest."