Brooke Dances Burlesque, Hogans Lose Battle Over Jailhouse Tapes

Back in May, there was a lot of commotion when over 26 hours of Nick Hogan's jailhouse phone conversations with his family were made public. The tapes included comments by Nick, Hulk and Linda talking about Nick getting a reality show when he's released from prison and God laying some "heavy sh*t" on the "negative" John Graziano. Last month, the Hogans sued to stop the release of the tapes, but the Pinellas County Sheriff now says that jailhouse calls are public records and that Nick can't expect any privacy within the jail. The Sheriff says the records are "non-confidential" and nobody gets special treatment.


Hulk Hogan was in the audience front and center this pasts weekend when his daughter Brooke performed with a burlesque troupe this weekend in South Beach (Miami). Video footage of Brooke on stage can be seen at This footage was also shown last night on TMZ's syndicated TV show.

Speaking of Brooke, the 20-year old was also spotted on Monday laying poolside in Florida with her father Hulk's 30-something girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel. TMZ does not shy away from the creepiness that Hogan's new woman looks a lot like his daughter, calling McDaniel a "Brooke-alike".