Candice Michelle Injury Update, Triple H vs. Edge, SD!, More

Calvin sent this in: Hey I am Calvin from India. I am now in the US. Just thought of letting you know that in the aftermath of the Great Khali's visit to India, he is featured almost everywhere. There is a no. 1 watched stand up comedy show called "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge" and nearly on every show there is always a mention of the Great Khali. They mostly end up making jokes of the way he speaks in a garbled way or brag about how they can fight and beat him in funny ways.


Following Friday night's WWE SmackDown!, Triple H vs. Edge for the WWE Championship has been added to the card for the WWE Great American Bash PPV on Sunday, July 20 in Long Island, New York. This is the only match confirmed so far.

Candice Michelle has posted a new blog on the WWE Fan Nation website giving an update on her injury and when she is expecting to return to the ring. Here is a small excerpt from her blog entry:

"It's been about 14 weeks since my surgery and many wonder when I will be back. Well, the first time around I would inform everyone what the doctors told me and I personally got my hopes up for those dates! It kept getting pushed back and my heart kept getting crushed. I will let you know that I had a cat scan two weeks ago and things are looking great and I'm feeling even better! All the bones are connected and healing and are in perfect alignment. Bones have a time frame of there own, different for everyone in healing. I am in physical therapy and will be back very soon! Although it seems like an eternity, I promise you, it will be worth the wait!"