Cena/HHH, JBL, Umaga, Mark Henry, Draft, Hardy's Suspension/Fire

The overrun segment for Monday's edition of Monday Night RAW scored a 4.12 quarter hour rating, the highest of the show and a good sign for WWE. This would seem to indicate higher than usual interest in CM Punk's first match as World Champion.


The Pioneer Press is reporting that Ken Kennedy will be featured in some local ads in an effort to get volunteers for the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Due to the draft, previously advertised dark match main events of John Cena and HHH vs. JBL and Umaga for the RAW taping in New Orleans on Monday have been changed to John Cena and a Mystery Partner vs. JBL and a Mystery Partner.

Marvel.com has a new Q&A up with new ECW Champion Mark Henry.

The latest RAW commercials on USA Network for RAW this Monday put most of the focus on the younger talents.

The August issue of WWE Magazine features Jeff Hardy on the cover. Inside, he talks about his drug suspension and how he was tested for drugs 2-3 times per week during his suspension. He also talks about the fire that burned his house down among other things.