Even More On Moose's Injury, Santino/Cornette War Continues

As posted here earlier, TNA star Mickie "Moose" Knuckles will be undergoing surgery today to repair a broken femur bone in her right leg. The injury took place last night after she dove off a high platform at an IWA Mid-South event in Joliet, Illinois. Video footage of that injury has now surfaced on YouTube and it's not pleasant to watch.


Here is a detailed fan account of TNA Knockout Mickie "Moose" Knuckles' severe leg injury accident at last night's IWA Mid South show in Joliet, IL. Due to the injury, the show ended early. The Mickie situation is heartbreaking. Ego pulled out a running dive on Elgin from the top of the cinder block wall just to the left of the announce table late in his match, and it almost felt like Mickie was trying to meet or exceed that dive. She was selling a foot injury, so rather than taking a running leap at Sara, she just kinda hobbled to the edge and jumped forward. There was no rotation or turn to her jump, so just landed full force w/ what looked like a double axehandle or something, all on her right leg I believe. Rather than buckling her knees, it seemed like her knee locked, and her leg just snapped, right above the knee. In the most horrifying sight I've ever seen, worse than Sid, worse than anything, Mickie realized what happened. How she didn't immediately pass out I'll never know, but I'm not shaking this sight off for awhile. Ian, Eastman, and several other people came out, and Jim sent us home. An ambulance was there almost immediately and at that point I headed home. This is most certainly going to be a hard fought recovery for her: I'm devastated for her and my heart really goes out for Mickie right now, regardless of her situation with TNA. This is gonna be tough.


TNA has posted the latest edition of Spin Cycle, featuring a panel of Roxxi Laveaux, Jim Cornette, Kaz & Frank Trigg at TNAWrestling.com. TNA is doing this show in hopes of landing a 30-minute program with Spike TV. During the episode, Jeremy Borash asks the panel who they would like to be stranded on island with for an eternity. Cornette says 15 minutes is all he could handle being around anyone on the TNA roster and would rather sit out and slit his throat. Kaz says he thought for sure Cornette was going to pick "Santino Marella." Cornette laughs and says it wouldn't take 15 minutes.

Devin Cutting sent in the following... Abyss, Scott Steiner, Robert Roode, Eric Young, James Storm, Petey Williams, Johnny Devine, Tyson Dux, Jamie D (aka Sirelda) and Zach Gowen will be appearing at the Prime Time Wrestling event in Belleville, Michigan on September 21st, 2008. Bell time is 6 PM. Go to https://ptwwrestling.com for info about PTW and https://prowrestlingevents.webs.com for info about upcoming shows.