Former WWE star Savio Vega is set to start work as an agent for TNA this week, replacing Scott D’Amore. TNA has high hopes for Vega as he used to work with TNA creative team member Dutch Mantel in IWA Puerto Rico a few years ago when that promotion was very popular.

The TNA Knockouts continue to draw well in the ratings. The Knockout’s Rumble for a title shot on the July 17th edition of iMPACT! gained 264,000 viewers from the previous segment. The segment peaked at a 1.25 rating, which would be the company’s highest quarter hour in months.

The main reason Bob Ryder replaced Bill Behrens in booking the company’s talent to outside promotions is because TNA looking to get everyone working out of the Nashville office, which they recently have expanded. Behrens lives in Atlanta and does not want to relocate.

In a related note, Rich Baker; the company’s live event promoter is currently based in Stamford. Baker worked for many years under Ed Cohen in WWF, and is considered very good at his job. TNA currently doesn’t have anyone in Nashville who can replace him, so it looks like he will remain in Stamford and not have to make the choice to relocate right now.