Great American Bash: CM Punk vs. Batista

World Heavyweight Championship Match
CM Punk (c) vs. Batista
Punk came to the ring first and Cole and Lawler noted that everyone considers him the underdog. Batista came out to a mixed reaction, more booes. Batista looked huge. During the ring introductions, Punk and Batista both were booed.


Batista overpowered Punk early and laughed at him. Punk then started working Batista over with leg kicks but Batista regained the advantage.

As the match went on, it went back and forth, but Batista was mostly in charge. Crowd was quiet for this match too, not really behind either guy. Punk rocked Batista throughout the match with kicks and knees to the head.

The finish saw Batista hit Punk with a Batista bomb outside the ring. He threw Punk in the ring, but before he could get in, Kane ran out and attacked him to end the match. Kane then went in the ring and attacked CM Punk. When he was leaving, he asked "Is He Dead" and then kicked the daylights out of a cameraman. The match was ruled a double disqualification.


After the match, Batista laid Punk out with the Batista Bomb. WWE did a great job in making their champion look weak. If one thing if Punk was playing a Honky Tonk Man type heel, but they're not. And you know when Punk doesn't get over as champ, that Punk will get the blame. Looks like a three way with Punk, Kane and Batista at SummerSlam.

Winner: None, Double Disqualification