Great American Bash Results (7/20) - 4 New Champions!

Event: WWE Great American Bash Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, July 20th, 2008 (Live On PPV)
Location: The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, N.Y.
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- The WWE promo hits.


- A video package opens the show highlighting the Edge and Vickie Guerrero wedding and Triple H showing the "secret" footage on Smackdown this past Friday night. We also see footage of JBL trying to take out John Cena on Raw and what went down between CM Punk and Batista heading into tonight's World Heavyweight Title Match.

- A graphic opening hits welcoming us to The Great American Bash. We then go live to the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island where a series of pyro goes off. Jim Ross is the first voice we hear as he welcomes us to the show.

- WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz are out first to kick off the first match of the night.

WWE Tag Team Championship – Fatal Four Way Match
John Morrison & The Miz (c's) vs. Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs. Jesse & Festus


Jim Ross noted at the start that the first team to score a pinfall are the winners. So the usual the champions don't have to be pinned to lose tonight. The bell rings and we kick off with Festus going nuts when the bell rings and Jesse holding him back. Morrison then throws Hornswoggle into the ring. Hornswoggle stands up and looks to fight Festus when Festus takes out Morrison and Miz on the ring apron and then Hornswoggle dives out through the ropes taking them out as well. Miz gets tossed in and Festus drops a leg. Few shots in the corner, Festus backs off and then lands a big body splash. Jesse gets the tag and hits Miz with a big monkey flip. Festus is back in and levels Miz. Finlay with a blind tag and Festus levels him with a big boot after Festus took out Miz. Morrison gets the tag and he mounts Finlay hitting a few rights. Morrison drags Finlay to the corner and lands a few more shots. Tag to Miz and he catches Finlay with a few kicks and a takedown. Foley says Miz has a stupid haircut and just flat out doesn't like him. Miz with a big russian leg sweep on Finlay, cover, but Finlay kicks out after two. Miz catapults Finlay into Morrison who hits Finlay with a clothesline and then a springboard elbow drop over the top rope. Great spot.


Morrison keeps the action on the ground applying a headlock on Finlay. Morrison with a knee to the gut and quick neckbreaker on Finlay. Miz gets the tag, but Finlay tackles Miz and lands some stiff rights. Miz with a tag back to Morrison and Finlay takes him down as well hitting some more rights. Finlay catches Morrison with a big forearm from the corner. Foley is loving Miz getting beat up tonight. Tag to Zack Ryder and he covers Finlay quickly, but only gets a two count. Ryder applies a neck submission on Finlay and then tags in Curt Hawkins. Hawkins takes out Finlay with some rights while trying to fight back. Ryder holds up a knee in the corner and Hawkins launches Finlay face first off it. Tag to Ryder, misses a shot in the corner and Finlay lands a big summersault. Hornswoggle cracks Ryder with a shalleleigh shot. JR tells Foley to say "shalleleigh shot" three times and Foley does successfully. These guys are great together. Hawkins with the tag and Finlay takes him out allowing a tag to Hornswoggle who takes out Hawkins with a huge tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Jesse tags himself in and takes out Hawkins with a big Lou Thesz Press. The fans booed the blind tag Jesse got on Hornswoggle. Hawkins then kicks Hornswoggle off the ring apron and the fans bo.


Tag to Festus and he levels Hawkins and Ryder. Festus pumps himself up and drops his body over Hawkins. Festus launches Morrison into Miz over the top rope. Festus goes to launch Jesse off the top rope, but Ryder trips up Festus and pulls him out allowing Hawkins to pull Jesse off the top rope with force and Jesse lands hard. Hawkins covers Jesse and gets the pinfall. We have new WWE Tag Team Champions!

Winners & NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

After the match, we see a replay of the finish. Back live, Hawkins and Ryder are holding up the WWE Tag Team Titles.

- A promo for the Triple H DVD airs.

WWE United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin

The bell rings and both lock up. Benjamin takes down Hardy, goes for a rollup, Hardy kicks out, another cover by Benjamin and Hardy gets a shoulder up. Benjamin applies a headlock, gets pushed into the ropes and Benjamin catches Hardy with a shoulder block. Quick pinfall attempt by Hardy and Hardy gets a two count. Benjamin goes back to the headlock. Hip toss and then arm drag by Hardy on Benjamin. Lock up and Benjamin pushes Hardy into the corner. The referee breaks it up and Benjamin comes in with a kick to the gut. Hardy fights back with a kick of his own, goes for a Twist of Fate, Benjamin counters and then Hardy levels Benjamin with a quick clothesline. Benjamin tosses Hardy over the top rope, Hardy holds on and Benjamin dropkicks Hardy in the back to knock him off. Big shot into the steel ring post from the ring apron by Benjamin on Hardy. Benjamin tosses Hardy back in the ring, covers, but Hardy kicks out after one. Benjamin with a side back suplex on Hardy, another cover and Hardy kicks out after two. Backbreaker by Benjamin on Hardy followed by a neck submission. Some back and forth chants from the crowd. Benjamin with some stiff kicks on Hardy keeping him grounded. Another backbreaker by Benjamin on Hardy.


Benjamin locks on a sitting abdominal stretch on Hardy. Hardy gets to his feet and drops Benjamin in a modified samoan drop. Crowd is really into this match. Hardy adjusts in mid-air to connect with a body splash on Benjamin that leads to a two count. Benjamin catches Hardy in the corner with a big boot. Benjamin comes back dropping Hardy face first on the mat. Benjamin with another backbreaker into a headlock submission working on the spine of Hardy. Benjamin with a big spinning heel kick to Hardy. Hardy blocks a Stinger Splash attempt by Benjamin in the corner. Hardy with some rights and lefts and a big clothesline. Hardy with a big bulldog on Benjamin from the corner, the cover and Benjamin kicks out after two. Scoop slam by Hardy in the corner. Hardy goes up top, jumps and connects with the flying leg drop. Cover by Hardy and Benjamin again barely kicks out. Hardy is back up top, but Benjamin catches Hardy and powerbombs him into the corner! Hardy bounces off with force and hits the mat hard. The two exchange pinfall attempts until Hardy hits the Side Effect. Hook of the leg and Benjamin again kicks out. Hardy kicks Benjamin in the gut, Benjamin dodges a Twist of Fate and sends Hardy chest first into the corner.


Benjamin puts Hardy up on the top rope. Hardy knocks Benjamin off with a few elbows. Hardy with a moonsault, but Matt overshoots it and Benjamin brings his knees up to counter. Benjamin jumps up and catches Hardy with his finisher driving Hardy face first into the mat. Benjamin covers Hardy and gets the pinfall. We have a new United States champion.

Winner & NEW WWE United States Champion: Shelton Benjamin

After the match, Jim Ross and Mick Foley talk about Benjamin's title drought in WWE finally ending. They show a replay of the finish and how Hardy's missed moonsault was the big factor allowing Benjamin to take advantage. Back live, Benjamin is celebrating with the United States Title.

- Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler intro a WWE Mobile video from last Monday when Todd Grisham tells CM Punk that many people don't think he can beat Batista to retain his World Heavyweight Title. Punk said he was told he couldn't do a lot of things like make it to WWE, win titles or be on the "flagship" show. He tells Batista you don't have to be 6 foot 6 and ripped to win titles. Punk said he isn't a fluke and plans on remaining World Heavyweight Champion. He said he isn't Batista, John Cena, Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart...he is CM Punk, World Heavyweight Champion. Good promo by Punk.


- Footage is shown from this past Friday's Smackdown where Triple H revealed footage of Edge kissing the wedding planner after he married Vickie Guerrero. Tonight's text vote is, "Who do you sympathize with more? Vickie or Edge?" Boy, those results should be interesting.

ECW Championship Match
Mark Henry (c) w/ Tony Atlas vs. Tommy Dreamer w/ Colin Delaney

During Mark Henry's entrance, Tazz brought up we just saw two title changes so far tonight and this could be a third. Mike Adamle goes, "I hope not." I guess Adamle is a Mark Henry fan. Good reaction for Dreamer in Long Island. Henry was clapping for Dreamer when he entered the ring.

Henry and Dreamer get into each others face. Henry pushes Dreamer away and the bell rings. The fans start a "TOMMY DREAMER" chant. Henry says they can't help you. Lock up and Henry pushes Dreamer away. Dreamer attempts a takedown and Henry tosses him away to the corner. Dreamer with a few rights and lefts on Henry. Henry then levels Dreamer with a huge clothesline. Henry starts standing on the head of Dreamer against the ropes. Tazz says that is near 400 pounds of pressure on the head of Dreamer. Big headbutt by Henry that levels Dreamer. Henry works on the neck of Dreamer. Dreamer fights back with a few elbows when Henry takes them with ease and tosses Dreamer back down with force. Henry works on the right arm of Dreamer as the fans start a "BORING" chant. Dreamer gets to his feet, lands a few rights, hits the ropes, but another big clothesline from Henry. Tony Atlas leans in and yells, "How do you feel Tommy Dreamer? How do you feel?!" Henry goes back to work on the wrist of Dreamer. Dreamer attempts a few rights to fight back, but Henry throws him back down again. Henry attempts a body splash off the ropes, but Dreamer moves and then catches Henry with a big dropkick to the face.


Dreamer catches Henry with an elbow in the corner, hits a clothesline, Henry stays up, Dreamer hits the ropes, Henry attempts a fallaway slam, Dreamer counters that and connects with a neckbreaker on Henry. Cover by Dreamer and Henry kicks out. Dreamer with a huge DDT on Henry and then goes to knock Tony Atlas off the ring apron. Dreamer is up on the top rope signaling he is going to take out Henry. Dreamer does his "hardcore" poses with his arms out. Colin Delaney jumps up on the ring apron and does the pose with him. Well, we know what is coming now. Delany grabs Dreamer by his arm and drops it over the top rope. Henry then catches Dreamer with a big body splash. Henry covers Dreamer and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL ECW Champion: Mark Henry

After the match, Colin Delaney walks up the ramp with a smile on his face. Mark Henry walks over the body of Dreamer and grabs his ECW Title throwing it over his shoulder with a big smile on his face. Tony Atlas also celebrates the win with Henry.

- A video package runs highlighting the events between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels leading into tonight's match.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

No pyro for either man tonight, so they mean business and were staring each other down. The bell rings and they continue to stare each other down. HBK backs off, lock up and Jericho lands a few elbows. Jericho with some big knees and shots to the back. More elbows by Jericho and knees to the gut. Big chop by HBK taking down Jericho. Big elbow by HBK on Jericho. Big boot by HBK on Jericho and then a chop block. HBK applies a Figure Four on Jericho early on. Jericho gets to the bottom rope to break it up. HBK lands a few kicks in the corner on Jericho, but the referee breaks it up. Forearm to Jericho in the corner. Some more elbows from HBK and HBK argues with the referee a bit. Jericho with a big irish whip on HBK that causes him to hit the corner and flip up top. HBK falls off to his feet on the ring apron and Jericho levels HBK with a huge dropkick that sends him flying off the ring apron. HBK is favoring his ribs and has been a bit since the start of the match. Jericho jumps off and connects with a forearm to the ribs of HBK. Jericho tosses HBK back inside Jericho connects with a big kick to his ribs. Jericho with a big side suplex on HBK. Jericho with a body charge in the corner on HBK.


Jericho with a snapmare on HBK. Jericho pulls back on the arms of HBK driving his knee into his spine. HBK stomps on the foot of Jericho to break this up. The two exchange a few elbows and HBK gets the best of it. Jericho then connects with a big kick to the head on HBK out of no where, cover and a two count. Jericho with a scoop slam on HBK, goes up top, jumps and HBK counters with an atomic drop! HBK with a big chop, elbow, irish whip and HBK catches Jericho with a big flying forearm. HBK flips up, but favors his ribs. Jericho with a takedown and locks HBK in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho keeps it locked in and HBK reaches for the ropes. HBK is close and finally gets to the bottom rope. Some of the crowd boo's this. Jericho with some kicks to HBK's lower back. Jericho counters a Sweet Chin Music attempt and takes out HBK with some big right hands in the corner. Jericho looks to attempt a running bulldog, but HBK stops himself and takes out Jericho with a big clothesline. Cover by HBK, but Jericho kicks out after two. HBK is up on the top rope. Jericho jumps back up and crotches HBK on the top messing with the top rope. Big right hand by Jericho on HBK. HBK pushes Jericho off when he tries coming up with him.


Jericho comes back up, hooks an arm over the head of HBK, Jericho attempts a suplex, HBK blocks, lands a few rib shots, right hand and then kicks Jericho off to the ring. HBK stands up on the top rope, jumps and connects with the flying elbow. HBK starts tuning up the band in the corner. Jericho begins getting to his feet when Lance Cade runs out. HBK levels him with a kick to the face through the ropes. Jericho attempts the Codebreaker, but HBK holds onto the ropes and HBK with a quick rollup that gets a close two count. Jericho with a pinfall on HBK and HBK barely kicks out. HBK with a big elbow to Jericho. Jericho charges at HBK and HBK launches Jericho over the top rope onto Lance Cade at ringside. HBK goes up on the top rope nearby, executes a huge moonsault and takes out Jericho and Cade! All three men are down. HBK is up first and tosses Cade away. Jericho gets up and catches HBK with an elbow. Jericho rolls back in and HBK follows. HBK is busted open over his left eye at this point. Cole and Lawler thinks it took place after the big elbow on the outside by Jericho. Jericho catches HBK with a big kick to the face in the ring and then sees HBK is busted open. Jericho has a shocked look on his face when he catches HBK with a big right hand.


The referee asks HBK if he is okay. HBK says he is and Jericho catches him with another right. Some more big rights from Jericho that sends HBK to the mat. The referee checks on HBK again and Jericho kicks him in the face. Jericho distracts the referee allowing Lance Cade to get in a cheap shot. Jericho with a few headbutts on HBK. Jericho starts taunting HBK when HBK pulls Jericho down into a Crossface out of no where. Jericho gets to his feet and drops HBK face first off the middle rope with force. Jericho mounts HBK and hits a few rights. The referee gets in Jericho's face to break it up. The referee wants to stop the match and HBK pleads with him not to. Jericho then gets in a quick right hand. Blood is pouring down the face of HBK at this point as the referee checks on him again. Jericho with another series of kicks to HBK's head. Jericho slaps HBK around and then gets in some stiff right hands. HBK is starting to dawn the crimson mask at this point in the match. Jericho with more right hands. Jericho wraps up HBK by his arm and lands some more stiff rights as blood countinues to pour out. The referee tackles Jericho UFC-style pushing him away and calls for the match to end. The bell rings and that is it.


Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, medical officials hit the ring and start attending to Shawn Michaels. A replay is shown of the elbow that busted open Michaels, the cheap shots from Lance Cade and the repeated right hands from Jericho keeping him busted open causing the referee to stop the match. Back live, Michaels' face is still covered with blood as Lance Cade raises the hand of Chris Jericho at the top of the ramp. Jericho and Cade walk off to the back as medical officials lift up Michaels. One of the officials is checking his vision as Cole and Lawler do the "quiet voice" announcing. Michaels begins to crawl out on his own and is helped to the back.

- A promo for WWE SummerSlam on August 17 airs with a movie theme.

- Jim Ross interviews Edge backstage. Ross asks him how he feels. Edge said Triple H crossed the line on Friday and he doesn't care. He calls Triple H a pervert for putting a camera in someone else's hotel room. Edge said he took away his personal life and only has a professional life left. He said that is okay because what he has done is make him desperate. Edge said he is more dangerous when he is desperate. He said Triple H ruined his lift and tonight he will ruin his by taking what is most important to him...the WWE Championship. Edge smiles looking into the camera.


WWE Divas Championship Match
Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

This match will determine the first ever WWE Divas Champion.

The bell rings and Michelle takes the back of Natalya. Natalya counters and takes the back of Michelle. Big dropkick to the chest of Natalya by Michelle. Michelle gets in a few kicks and uppercuts. Michelle flips over the back of Natayla and catches her with a big kick. Natalya counters dropping Michelle off the top rope with force. Natalya jumps on the back of Michelle and goes to work. Natalya then applies a surfboard submission on Michelle. Natalya asks the referee to ask Michelle if she quits. Michelle fights out and counters into a heel hook. Natalya gets to the ropes to break it up. Natalya pulls Michelle by her arm against the steel ring post and then hits the ring. Natalya with a big elbow to Michelle. Natalya grounds Michelle and attempts a Sharpshooter. Natalya gets it locked in and turned over. Michelle screams no and gets to the bottom rope. Natalya mounts Michelle and lands some stiff right hands. Natalya goes for another Sharpshooter attempt and Michelle counters into a heel hook. Natalya screams out in pain and tries to break it up with a big right hand. Michelle keeps it locked in. Natalya tries to kick Michelle to break it up, but it does nothing. Natalya finally gives in to the pain and taps out.


Winner & NEW WWE Divas Champion: Michelle McCool

After the match, Eve and Cherry hit the ring and celebrate with Michelle. Chris Jericho then gets walks out on the ramp with a mic in hand. He asks everyone in attendance tonight to grab their ticket and look at it hard because it marks the night that Shawn Michaels had his last match. Jericho said he had some late breaking news in that Shawn Michaels has been diagnosed with a detached retna and that he will no longer be able to wrestle again. He said this proves that the good guys can win. This gets some cheers, which is probably not what they wanted. Good promo by Jericho.

- A promo for the new Ric Flair DVD airs.

- Backstage, we see a shot of CM Punk and Batista warming up. A video package runs highlighting CM Punk's win at WrestleMania 24 in winning the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match and Punk cashing in the briefcase on Monday Night Raw to defeat Edge and bring the World Heavyweight Title to Raw. This goes into Batista feeling it was because of him that Punk even won the title in the first place.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
CM Punk (c) vs. Batista

They did ring introductions for the challenger Batista and the champion CM Punk. The bell rings and Batista locks up with Punk right away backing him into the corner. Batista does this a second time and the referee again breaks it up. Punk counters another lock up taking the back of Batista, but Batista catches Punk with a big elbow and Punk backs off. Quick kick by Punk on Batista. Some more kicks from Punk to the legs of Batista followed by some stiff elbows. Batista gets Punk up on his shoulder, but Punk slides off and Batista catches Punk with a huge elbow. Snapmare by Batista and a kick to the head on Punk. Cover by Batista, but Punk kicks out quickly. Batista misses a charge in the corner, Punk attempts a rollup, but Batista holds on and stomps his body over Punk with force. Punk with a big kick to the shoulder of Batista sending Batista through the ropes to the outside. Punk catches Batista with a baseball slide and Batista falls into the ring barricade. Punk launches himself over the top rope and takes out Batista. Punk tosses Batista back in, hook of the leg and Batista kicks out. Batista counters an irish whip sending Punk with force into the corner. Batista again sends Punk to the opposite corner with force.


Batista with a big suplex on Punk, cover and Punk kicks out after two. Batista with a modified camel clutch on Punk. Batista drops his body over Punk, picks him up, tosses him into the ropes chest first and Batista catches Punk with a big elbow to the lower back. Batista picks up Punk and does this a second time. When Batista attempts this a third time, Punk turns around, catches Batista with a big elbow and Punk follows that up with a big kick that sends Batista to the outside. Batista gets back into the ring through the second rope when Punk catches him with a big kick to the face. Punk with some big body kicks. Batista cuts Punk off with a knee to the gut. Boot to the face by Punk in the corner, jumps up on the top and jumps backwards catching Batista with a huge cross-body. Punk with a superkick to the gut, jumps up on Batista in the corner, Batista attempts a Batista Bomb, Punk counters, but Batista gets Punk up and slams him down hard in a big powerslam. Batista signals for the Batista Bomb, lifts Punk up, but Punk grabs the ropes to counter. Punk rolls to the ring apron, kicks Batista a few times, slides back in and catches Batista with a knee to the head. Punk misses a bulldog, but catches Batista with a HUGE kick to the head.


Cover by Punk and Batista somehow kicks out. Punk gets Batista up on his shoulder. Batista counters and sends Punk to the corner hitting a big clothesline. Batista with another clothesline in the opposite corner. Batista has Punk up on the top rope. Punk then grabs Batista's arm and falls down against the ropes applying an armbar! Punk then springboards back in and catches Batista with a flying clothesline. Cover by Punk and Batista kicks out after two. Punk with a headlock on Batista that Batista rolls over into a close two count pinfall. Punk with kicks to Batista's shoulder. Punk with lefts and rights and then Batista explodes with a huge clothesline off the ropes! Batista drives Punk into the corner and hits a few shoulder charges. Batista misses a charge attempt in the corner when Punk moves. Batista falls to the outside grabbing his shoulder. Punk dives, Batista catches him and drives Punk spine first into the mat on the outside. Batista picks up a lifeless Punk, rolls him back in and Kane runs sending Batista into the steel ring post and then leveling Batista with a big boot. The bell rings and that is it.

Match Result: Double Disqualification (as announced by Lilian Garcia)
Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: CM Punk


Kane hits the ring, grabs Punk and gives him a huge chokeslam. Kane grabs his bag he was carrying on Raw and stares at it as he leaves the ring. Kane looks at the camera and says, "Is he alive or is he dead!?" Kane then turns around and levels a camera man with a huge big boot. Kane then heads to the back. In the ring, Lilian Garcia says the referee has ruled this a double disqualification. CM Punk is bleeding from the mouth as he gets to his feet and holds the World Title high in the air staring at Batista. Batista then grabs Punk and hits him with the Batista Bomb. Batista pulls off his elbow pads and throws them down frustrated. Batista leaves the ring and heads up the ramp upset about the result. Batista gets to the top of the ramp and holds his arm up as CM Punk sits up staring him down. They show a few replays of how the match finished.

- A video package airs highlighting the recent events between JBL and John Cena on Raw leading into tonight's New York City Parking Lot Brawl.

"New York City Parking Lot Brawl" Match
John Cena vs. JBL

We go backstage for the start of the match. There are cars parked in a circle. JBL is the first to arrive in his limo. He is wearing a suit and takes off his jacket with a crowbar in hand. JBL walks up asking the referee where John Cena is. The referee says he hasn't seen him. JBL calls out for Cena. JBL gets up on a red car and then the car parked across from it starts and the headlights come on. Cena is inside and drives the car head-on into the car JBL is standing on. JBL falls over and Cena gets out with some cables in his hand. He starts hitting JBL and choking him. Cena grabs JBL, opens up the hood and attaches the cables to JBL's crotch and then shocks him. Cena grabs steel bucket and launches it at JBL. It crashes into the windshield instead. JBL gets in the car and Cena opens the door, launching his face into the wheel a few times. JBL gets the better of Cena irish whipping him into a car door taking it right off the side! Cena favors his back as JBL lands a few right hands and kicks to the body. The announcers aren't saying anything as the two continue to brawl. JBL sends Cena face first into the car door and then throws him up on another car. Cena falls off and JBL launches Cena face first into another car hood.


JBL gives Cena a swinging neckbreaker on top of the car hood. JBL covers Cena and Cena gets a shoulder up after two. More body shots from JBL on Cena. JBL then launches Cena into the windshield of another car causing Cena to smash through it. JBL then grabs Cena and gives him a DDT on top of the car smashing the top. JBL throws Cena off the top of the car, hooks the leg and Cena somehow kicks out after two. JBL yells, "Die Cena! Quit damnit!" JBL grabs a crowbar and misses hitting Cena with it. Cena fights back with some rights until JBL catches him with a low blow. JBL then grabs Cena and sends him into the driver's side window. The window doesn't break, so JBL does it again and this time Cena smashes through it. JBL throws Cena into the backseat of another car. JBL walks away and grabs a can full of gas in the back of his limo. JBL walks towards the car that Cena is in and starts pouring gas all over it. JBL pulls out a lighter and tosses it on the car. The car ignites and the referee screams, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" WWE officials walk up and put the fire out with fire extinguishers. Cena walks out of the back seat and goes after JBL with some right hands and kicks. Cena sends JBL into the car two times.


Cena does this a third time. Cena throws JBL in the passenger side of the car, gets in a forklift, revs it up and drives it into the side of the car. JBL is still in the front when Cena drops the lifting portion and puts it under the car. Cena lifts the car up and starts driving it into the arena. Cena gets the car in the arena and drops it down. Cena stands on the top of the car and poses. JBL opens the driver's side door and crawls out. Cena catches him with some stiff right hands. Cena continues the right hands at the top of the entrance area. JBL comes back with a few of his own. Cena with a side suplex on JBL at the top of the ramp. Cena drops the Five Knuckle Shuffle over JBL on the ramp and waits for him to get up. JBL slowly gets to his feet, Cena puts him on his shoulders, looks at the car near the stage, smiles, walks JBL towards it, but JBL counters and sends Cena shoulder first into the car windshield. Cena crashes into leaving a huge dent in the windshield. JBL jumps onto the car, covers Cena...1...2...3.

Winner: JBL

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, WWE referees are attending to Cena and JBL who are beat up. Cena has blood all over his arm after the shot into the windshield.


A promo for SummerSlam on August 17 airs.

Results of the AT&T text vote: 55% sympathize with Edge more than Vickie Guerrero (45%).

A video package airs highlighting the events between Triple H and Edge leading into tonight's WWE Title Match including the Edge/Vickie wedding being crashed by Triple H with the "secret footage."

They aired the wedding clips again.

Backstage, Eve asked Triple H about regrets. Hunter just smiled and asked her if he looked like a guy who had regrets?

WWE Championship: Triple H vs. Edge.

Edge comes our first followed by Triple H. No Vickie Guerrero just yet.

Edge rammed Triple H into the ring steps, and then into the announce table. Edge gave Triple an Impaler DDT on the arena floor, but both men struggled to break referee Micky Henson's ten count.

Back in the ring, Triple H gave Edge a DDT, but the challenger kicked out.

Edge countered Hunter's first pedigree attempt.

The Game counters and continues with right hands, ducking some of Edge's attempts. Outside, Triple H works over Edge by bouncing his head off the steel steps and ring post. They work back into the ring.

Edge missed his first spear attempt. Triple H countered another spear attempt into spine buster.


Alicia Fox came out and tried to give the title belt to Edge but Vickie ran out and clotheslined Fox and grabbed the title belt. Vickie got into the ring, and Fox went after her.

Edge accidentally speared Vickie. Triple H used the moment to pedigree Edge to win and retain the gold. They show highlights and HHH retains!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion – Triple H

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