Gregory Helms Teases His Return, Candice Gets Called By Steve Austin

- Gregory Helms has been teasing his return on Myspace. He's posted a picture of a clock with his image on it, saying "it's almost time."

- Candice Michelle has updated us on her injury and describes a phone call she got from Steve Austin in her latest blog on WWE Fan Nation:


"After the surgery I got a call from 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin! Now if that doesn't put a smile on your face, I'm not sure what will! He had read my interview after the incident and said he was so proud of me that I said nothing will keep me away from WrestleMania! Laying here on my couch feeling like it was my death bed, I thought how am I going to fly to WrestleMania in a few days! But he was right, I said I would, and by God's grace, I did! I wanted to be there for the support of my fellow Superstars and to see that many fans!

It's been about 14 weeks since my surgery and many wonder when I will be back. Well, the first time around I would inform everyone what the doctors told me and I personally got my hopes up for those dates! It kept getting pushed back and my heart kept getting crushed. I will let you know that I had a cat scan two weeks ago and things are looking great and I'm feeling even better! All the bones are connected and healing and are in perfect alignment. Bones have a time frame of there own, different for everyone in healing. I am in physical therapy and will be back very soon! Although it seems like an eternity, I promise you, it will be worth the wait!"