Hall No-Shows Yet Again, Fake Austin, Haas Backstage Note

Bret Hart recently spent time in Italy doing research for a World War II novel he's thinking about writing. He's also thinking about going to film director school in August of next year. It was actually his goal to make films when he started college. However, he fell into the family wrestling business in 1976, and the rest is history. On another Bret note, he turned 51 years old today.


Scott Hall, fresh out of rehabilitation, no-showed the 6/21 wrestling event in Panama. He was scheduled to wrestle Revolution Xtreme Wrestling champion Savio Vega. The company website, www.rxwpanama.com, heavily promoted his appearance. The show also featured TNA Knockout Christy Hemme as well as TNA also-ran Judas Mesias.

WLWT-TV, an NBC affiliated based out Cincinnati, Ohio, has a story on the fake "Stone Cold" Steve Austin that did an autograph signing at a Wal-Mart in Greensburg, Indiana. Police are on the lookout for the fake Austin, who claimed to be the former WWE star and charged fans $10 to sign autographs at a Greensburg, Indiana-area Wal-Mart. He's being sought on identity theft and fraud charges. The article features comments from Susan Garlitch, a woman who paid the imposter wrestler for autographs and photos for her son. "He's not as big as I would have thought, but he can't sign 'Stone Cold's' merchandise and not be 'Stone Cold,'" Wal-Mart patron Susan Garlitch said. "That's what I kept telling myself."


Monday night on Raw in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Charlie Haas was announced as being from Dallas, Texas instead of his usual Edmond, Oklahoma because they wanted him to work as a heel for his dark match with the returning D-Lo Brown. Later in the show, Haas did the "Kiss Cam" segment during a commercial break, and acknowledged being from Oklahoma.