HHH/Edge Tonight, RAW/ECW Update, Lesnar's UFC Debut, RAW, Cena, More

As noted yesterday, Triple H defending the WWE Championship against Edge is scheduled to close tonight's Great American Bash PPV tonight unless plans change.

Kavan Hashemian sent this in: I got my tickets in the mail this week for the upcoming RAW house show on August 1st in Springfield, Illinois. On the tickets it says: "WWE RAW and ECW present The SummerSlam Tour". Just thought this was an interesting note regarding the ECW switch.


Devin Cutting sent this in: Brock Lesnar's UFC debut against Frank Mir is one of the fights on the July 19th/20th edition of the syndicated TV program "UFC Wired".

Note from Ryan Clark: This fight has been shown numerous times on the "UFC Unleashed" program on Spike TV. However, with "Wired" being syndicated there is a better chance more people will see the fight now.

Alex Bryer sent this in: I will be attending the Raw house show at Madison Square Garden on 8/23. Just wanted to pass along the current card for the event as seen on local advertising (note: card could indicate possible spoilers). "World Heavyweight Championship Match" CM Punk vs JBL, "Raw Special Challenge Match" John Cena vs Batista, "Steel Cage Match" Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels, "Intercontinental Championship Match" Kofi Kingston vs Kane, "World Tag Team Championship Match" Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes vs Cryme Tyme. Advertised to also appear are Lance Cade, Mickie James, Santino Marella and Paul London.


Darryn sent this in: The Great American Bash this Sunday will make history as this is the first time since Judgment Day 2005, that all 4 Smackdown Titles (WWE, US, Tag Team, Cruiserweight/Diva) are being defended on the same card (not including Night of Champions).

Those title matches were as follows:

WWE Tag Team Championship
MNM vs Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly

Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero

United States Championship
Orlando Jordan vs Heidenreich

WWE Championship
John Cena vs JBL in an I Quit Match