Jim Ross: Jonathan Coachman Leaving WWE

Jim Ross confirmed in his latest blog that Jonathan Coachman would be leaving the WWE soon to join ESPN. Here is what Ross had to say on the matter:

"It was great seeing Jonathan Coachman for a few minutes Sunday afternoon at the Nassau Coliseum and getting to meet his new, baby daughter who is beautiful for the record. Coach is leaving the WWE and will begin a new career with ESPN and will be moving to the Bristol area in the near future."


Ross also said the following about Brooke Hogan possibly appearing for Playboy:

"Is Brooke Bollea Hogan actually considering posing for Playboy Magazine? First of all, I have zero issues with Playboy Magazine but wouldn't one think that the timing of this particular matter helps no one but Playboy? What's next, Nick in semi prison garb in Playgirl magazine? Can everyone, all at one time, say?"LAY LOW"? Leave the media crazy, TMZ-like radar screen and watch public perception improve?.if that matters and perhaps it doesn't. There was a fan's sign in Philly Tuesday that read, 'Hulk We Still Love You.'"