John Cena & Cryme Tyme "CTC" Stable Update, D'Lo Brown/WWE News

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Here's an update on the "CTC meaning revealed" report:

  • DLo Brown wrestled Santino Marella, I knew he was returning but didn't know that he was doing house shows, and they didn't announce that it was his first match back, which back a few years ago they actually told us when Scotty 2 Hotty came back it was at Lexington and it was his first match back, they announced that it was his return.

    CTC seems like it's going to be a stable for sure, now. Cena and Cryme Tyme took on Kane, Cody Rhoades and Ted DiBiase. I thought for sure that Kane would have been JBL instead, it seemed like everyone was surprised when his music hit as JBL was to make an appearance and never did....and it was the main event.

    CTC actually did a thing before the match, they bowed and then acted like they were pumping the air while Shad and JTG just had their pointer fingers sticking up Cena had his Word Life fists up. Kinda created CTC with the three of them. Kane left in the middle of the match in a rage and it turns out he was just going to the back to let them know that JTG was injured as many crew members came out after he left and actually CARRIED JTG out. He wasn't touching the floor at all...seems that he was out cold, don't know what happened for sure...I went back on the video I took of the match and it just looked like Kane kicked JTG on the side of the head maybe in the temple. Didn't look like it was a real hard hit...might have been, though.


    In the match prior to the six man tag, Batista made fun of the Rock when he made his entrance. He asked the ref if he should do "The Rock" and then crossed his eyes while on the turnbuckle and then lifted his eyebrow with his fingers. The second to last match was for the title and was CM Punk vs. Batista and more people actually cheered for Batista with some even booing CM Punk. They let us vote on either a no DQ match, falls anywhere, or 2 out of 3 falls. No DQ won. Punk won but Batista then delivered the Batista Bomb on punk, it seemed as though it really knocked the wind out of him, they were even asking if he was okay, not obviously, that's what made it believable. (Thanks to Eric Ashcraft)

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