John Cena vs. JBL Part Six, Kane, HBK, Batista, Lance Cade, More

The WWE site has announced John Cena's match for the Great American Bash. He will be wrestling John Bradshaw Layfield in a "New York City Parking Lot Brawl" match. If the match seems familiar, it pretty much is. This will be their fourth encounter in a pay-per-view match within the past five pay-per-views. The two also tangled twice on pay-per-view in 2005, so this upcoming match will actually be their sixth pay-per-view bout overall (WrestleMania 21 - WWE Championship Match, Judgment Day 2005 - "I Quit" match, Backlash 2008 - Fatal Four-Way Elimination for the WWE Championship match in which Cena made JBL tap out, Judgment Day 2008 - Grudge match, One Night Stand 2008 - "First Blood" match, and Great American Bash 2008 - "New York City Parking Lot Brawl" match). Cena has yet to lose to JBL on pay-per-view as he is 5-0.

For the 8/29 Raw brand house show at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, their official website is advertising the following matches: Batista vs. Kane, Shawn Michaels vs. Lance Cade, and Rey Mysterio vs. Snitsky.

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