Jim Ross is back on his official website with another blog post. Below are highlights:

On working with Mick Foley: This will be my second Smackdown with my new color analyst Mick Foley and we should be better than we were last week which I did not think was a bad effort. Developing chemistry takes time and I know without fail we will arrive at that desired destination as it is just a matter of when not if.

WWE Night Of Champions: The Night of Champions ended up being a solid, decent investment of a PPV and the huge crowd at the American Airlines Center selected the matches in which they emotionally invested and supported them in kind. I thought the last two title bouts of the evening were especially top notch and apparently the live audience did as well as they seemed to be into them.

Addressing the fans on Raw: Being able to address the crowd in OKC was a nice opportunity that is greatly appreciated on my end. OKC grossed north of $400K with well over 11,000 fans on hand which is more than attended the WWE’s first PPV in the market, Unforgiven, a couple of years ago. I know our Bar-B-Q place in Norman had a HUGE day of which we are thankful. I had a challenging time getting through the in ring promo as a million thoughts were running through my mind about my years on Raw, especially my OKC experiences, beginning my career in my home state, etc. I did not “write” any thing down to say nor did any one else if you are keeping score at home or simply just need to know that info. From what I understand neither did Edge. Certainly Raw was an unpredictable program which has been its trademark over the years which is essentially the reason it is live every week.

This week’s SmackDown: It will be interesting to see how the new members of Smackdown step up on this week’s show to capitalize on the opportunity to make a positive “first impression”. I hope this TV taping rocks Tulsa like we used to do on two Sunday nights a month when basically everything happened in the ring which kept the fans in attendance emotionally attached to the show and never let them “relax”.

Jim Ross also speaks on the old UWF, WWE superstars and staff who made appearances at JR’s restaurants while in town and hopes the SmackDown trend of having more wrestling than talk continues.