Kofi Kingston's Mother Reveals That He Is Not From Jamaica

In a recent interview with the BBC in the United Kingdom, Kofi Kingston's mother Elizabeth, who is the head of a Ghanaian-American organisation in the US revealed that Kofi is not really Jamaican.

His mother confirmed that he's real name is Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah and was indeed born in Ghana, not in Jamaica. She said, "I told him: 'Kofi, your cousins watch you on TV in Ghana and want to know why you don't say you're from Ghana,'" "He said: 'Tell them it is business.'"


Kofi Kingston told the BBC, "I was actually born in Jamaica – to be honest with a name like Kofi a lot of people assume I was born in Ghana." The interviewer noted that he spoke in a "bad Jamaican accent, but doing his best to stay in character."

He goes on to say, "She's very happy I am doing what I want to do," regarding his mother and added, "But I don't think she knows how big wrestling really is."

Kofi banned his mother and family from speaking to the media after she revealed his identity.