Live News & Notes From This Week's SmackDown Taping

Thanks to reader Berry M for sending this in:

Some notes from the Smackdown tapings in Hershey, PA:

The Wedding Planner is shown backstage a couple times, once she is seen by Chavo/Bam/Vickie and another time with just Edge, because he bought her a ticket to watch the Cutting Edge.


After the Khali – Hardy match, they ran a promo for Ron Killings. They showed shots of a jail cell and talked about his past problems. Seems as if Ron is going to be known as "R-Truth" this time around, as it was in graffiti at the end of the promo. A lot of Ron chants.

In all actuality, the Khali – Hardy match was probably the best of the night, right past the Kennedy – Benjamin match. Hardy got a lot of success in the match and actually hit both the Whisper in the Wind and Swanton Bomb. Khali did a great job of drawing a lot of heat on himself.

The crowd shortly started cheering for Edge as Mick was building him up. This of course ended when Edge attacked Mick. Nice reaction when Edge jumped off the ladder with a chair and landed on Mick. Afterwards, Mick was taken to the back on a stretcher. I'm sure they will cut the show after this.


Edge came back out and said that we just watched history because he was the first person to make Mick leave on a stretcher. He said he would do the same to the Undertaker. Vickie came out pushed by Chavo and Bam. Said that Edge needed some practice to get ready for Hell in a Cell, so she made a No DQ match with the Big Show and Edge. Edge ran away, was caught and brought back, beat up a little and then went to the back again. Big Show won by count out. Obviously a little less exciting then the advertised dark final match of Triple H and Edge.

A lot of disappointed fans that Triple H wasn't there. They showed a highlight of the "King of Kings" and everyone thought he was coming out and started cheering.

Crowd was definately into it tonight. Almost a sell out. Hopefully they let it on TV, but when Kennedy came out, he let the crowd say the Kennedy part of his chant twice, and then faked us out the third time. It was hilarious.

Biggest Pop:
1. Jeff Hardy
2. Mr. Kennedy
3. Mick Foley

Most Heat:
1. Edge
2. Khali
3. MVP