McCool Wants To Be A Legend, Phoenix 'Joker' Update, Shane/RAW

Following last night's events, added Undertaker's profile back to the SmackDown section. On last night's show, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero listened to her husband Edge's apology and then informed him that at SummerSlam, he would face the reinstated Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match.

Advertisement has a story on the "All-American Girl" Michelle McCool being the first-ever WWE Divas Champion. "I'm on top of the world right now," McCool said. "My mindset was win, lose or draw, history was going to be made ... It still hasn't sunk in." McCool also hopes to be a legend one day. "I truly feel like Fabulous Moolah is the pioneer for women in sports-entertainment. I don't think anyone can deny her accomplishments or the road she paved for women wrestlers. I think Trish Stratus helped with the evolution of 'Divas.' She was the epitome of beauty and athleticism all wrapped into one. I don't see myself right there now," McCool said. "But that's a place I aspire to be. I think this is the first step toward making history and becoming a legend." Note from Ryan Clark: This girl has absolutely let her push go to her head and there's not much anyone can do about it due to her relationship with 'Taker. She seems very cocky as of late and has even been trying to show the other Divas how to work the 'WWE style'. This is a girl who came from the diva search.


Regarding Beth Phoenix's "Joker" photo shoot that was quickly pulled from on Wednesday, a few readers pointed out that Phoenix was actually holding the Jack playing card, and not the Joker card. The photo shoot was labeled as "The Joker" by

As noted earlier, Shane McMahon is being promoted as appearing on RAW next week and WWE is hinting at the possibility of Raw getting a new General Manager. We'll see but he is expected to be there. As of this writing, Stephanie had not given birth but nonetheless she won't be appearing live anytime soon.