Mickie James/Psych Update, Royal Rumble, MSG Classics, & More

WWE Women's champion Mickie James will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the USA Network's original series "Psych". The roller derby-themed episode will air on 9/6. USA's website lists the plot for the episode as, "Juliet going undercover as a skater to solve a number of robberies that are linked to a roller derby team."


WWE.com has updated it's pay-per-view calendar and, according to the calendar, the date of the 2009 Royal Rumble is Sunday, January 25th. During the week prior to WrestleMania 24, mailers and newspaper ads that WWE sent out had January 29th, a Thursday, listed as the Rumble's date. (Thanks to Devin Cutting for sending this in)

The August 13th edition of WWE Madison Square Garden Classics will features matches from Summerslam 1991, which took place at the Garden. This was the "Match Made in Heaven, Match Made in Hell" card that featured Randy Savage & Elizabeth's wedding, Hulk Hogan & Warrior vs. the Triangle of Terror as well as Bret Hart defeating Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental title.