More On Steph's New Baby Girl, Another Hollywood WWE Writer, More now has photos up of Mr. Kennedy at the Comic-Con.

Yet another update on the Unforgiven PPV poster. More readers have passed on a link to a Wikipedia page is a sketchy source for anything wrestling related a majority of the time considering anyone can edit) with Batista on the front. The poster with Kane was apparently a fake. So I guess the third time is the charm with this story. Thanks to everyone who sent that in.


WWE has hired Hollywood writer, producer and director Michael Pavone to become a member of the creative team. Pavone has written for a number of television shows, most notably and most recently, Fox's Prison Break. He also has a few acting credits to his name. According to, he appeared on an episode of Saving Grace last year under his real name.

As noted earlier, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque gave birth to her second child on Monday. The child is an 8-pound 12-ounce baby girl named Murphy Claire Levesque. This was one day after Triple H's 39th birthday and four days after the 2nd birthday of the couple's first daughter, Aurora Rose Levesque. Triple H was given time off from house shows the past few weeks due to the impending birth. That was also the reason he didn't appear at the Saturday Night's Main Event taping this past Monday in Washington D.C. Unlike the birth of the couple's first daughter, WWE did not announce the birth on the company web site.