Paul Bearer/Kane Storyline?, ECW/RAW Merger Delayed Again

On Monday's Raw, Kane turned heel after losing a World Heavyweight Championship number one contender's match by attacking commentators Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler as well as several other ringside employees, repeating "Is He alive or is He dead?" Apparently, some people think Kane is talking about storyline father Paul Bearer, who was essentially murdered on television at the 2004 Great American Bash when Undertaker pulled a lever burying him in cement. On the following week's SmackDown, Bearer was acknowledged to be alive, although gravely injured, in a brief note from one of the announcers. So unless fans remember that brief mention on commentary, they probably think he's "dead" in the WWE world. Since Monday's angle, his website has been flooded with traffic, not to mention that he's been getting a ton of e-mails. He commented on the situation on his blog with the following post:


Tuesday, July 08, 2008 ALIVE OR DEAD? Mercy... has had over 20,000 visitors since WWE RAW went off the air last night, and my mailbox has been bombarded with emails. The question of the day seems to be..."Was Kane's rampage last night about his cemented Father Paul Bearer?" Sorry, but I can't answer that one. Interesting storyline, isn't it? Be Blessed.

It looks like the possible Raw/ECW merger has been pushed back once again. WWE's holding two house shows in Arkansas during the weekend of September 12 and they're both listed as Raw events. Both shows were previously listed as Raw/ECW joint events. WWE plans on holding a SmackDown/ECW house show on Monday, September 15 in Montgomery, Alabama.


WWE has promoted Cheryl Kong as the company's Vice President, Marketing, Canada, Latin America and China. Kong joined the company in 2002 for their WWE Canada entity.