TMZ cameras also caught up with Linda Hogan outside of the Pinellas County Jail yesterday. When asked about what she thinks about Brooke Hogan considering posing for Playboy, she laughed it off and said she hopes she doesn’t do it – noting that Brooke is young and still has plenty of time to consider something like that.

Paul London got a haircut last week following his match on Raw with Lance Cade. He was this week’s WWE guest for Ohio Valley Wrestling’s weekly Friday night show at the Six Flags theme park in Louisville, Kentucky, and he debuted his new haircut at the match. London has short hair now.

In some TNA video game news is has come out that TNA has no financial stake in the production of the game, Midway is absorbing that cost. There will be no blood in the game, except for some blood drops in the ring. Midway recently shut down the Los Angeles development house that was producing the TNA game, but their employees, including everyone currently working on the TNA game were given a chance to stay with the company; although they would have to move to the San Diego office. The public reason given was the move makes it easier for the TNA team to work with the San Diego office, and that it will not effect the release date of the game. Midway is looking for big sales number for the game, hoping that the TNA fan base, as well as people looking for something different from the usual WWE game will make the purchase.