Rob Van Dam Comments On Warrior, Chyna Update, Goldberg

Rob Van Dam posted a blog on his website last Friday updating up on the condition of his wife Sonya, who is suffering from colon cancer, his positive wrestling experience in Spain a few weeks ago, discuss "the power of the mind" with Ultimate Warrior and Chris Nowinski, and what happened during his recent encounter with Warrior. Regarding Warrior, RVD wrote:


"So, back to Warrior. You may have heard some rumors about me training him recently. Here's the scoop. He called with that request, and I was honored to get the call. He hadn't been in the ring for ten years or so and he said he would be honored if I had the time to help him out. Because of our situation with Sonya's health, I was only able to get in the ring with Warrior one day. We didn't do a lot- mostly running the ropes, locking up and talking about what made Warrior so exciting to watch back in the day. I was ready for my outrageous Warrior moment. I had cameras standing by ready to capture the craziness that everyone has come to expect but instead, I spent the day with a hell of a cool guy that I shared a lot with. He showed me nothing but respect and appreciation, and at the end of the day I was amazed by how much we had in common. You may have seen the video I recorded of me imitating the Warrior on you tube.. I knew that people would see right away that he has a sense of humor, which is probably way different than your previous opinion. I have had nothing but good things to say about Warrior from my experiences with him and if I told you something bad, I'd be lying-which I don't do. I remember watching that WWE video on him just like you did, and it just made me remember how exciting and intense he was. I listened to the WWE'ers claiming that Warrior was just detached from reality and couldn't do a promo to save his life and I just thought " How could that be true? I used to buy tickets to go see this guy so I know what he did worked!" It's cool how things come around full circle and I'm glad we connected on a professional and even more so, a personal level."


A video of former WWE Women's Champion Chyna talking about returning to wrestling has surfaced. She talks about competing for Antonio Inoki's IGF promotion in Japan. She also talks about some other things she's been doing lately, and her name often coming up on TMZ. She says she likes TMZ, but cringes at watching the show at times, and that "enough is enough guys." She also talks about finally get a computer.

Today is the 10-year anniversary of Bill Goldberg's historic WCW World Heavyweight Championship title win over Hollywood Hogan at the Georgia Dome.

Former WWE developmental women's wrestler Lacey Von Erich will be a guest on Evan Ginzburg's Legends radio show tonight at 7 p.m. on