RVD/Goldberg Return News, Dawn Marie's Dog, Titan, & More

Atlantis, Dos Caras Jr., Volador Jr., Euforia and Metalik will be touring Spain from 8/14 to 8/22.

From Mike Informer: Mike O'Hearn, "Titan" from AMERICAN GLADIATORS, will be playing the role of a customer in the Brady Pub on DAYS OF OUR LIVES on July 14.


From what I understand, "Titan" is in the process of divorcing former WCW valet Midajah.

From a Dawn Marie Myspace Bulletin: Hey, Wanted to update about the status of Dawn Marie's dog Reggie. The reason for needing to find a good home for Reggie is because he brings backyard animals into the house (squirrels,rabbits,etc.). Dawn is nervous about this situation being that her child is only 2 years old. If your interested, please contact Michele at 732-236-1987. Please don't contact her via myspace- serious inquiries only.

Rob Van Dam, Bill Goldberg, Eric Bischoff, Jimmy Hart, Brutus Beefcake and Brian Knobbs all taped appearances for Hulk Hogan's "Celebrity Championship Wrestling" series that debuts this fall on CMT.