TNA is interested in bringing former WWE star Savio Vega in as a road agent, reports the official website of the International Wrestling Association, his home promotion. Following the recent departures of D-Lo Brown and Scott D'Amore (who finishes up at this week's iMPACT! tapings), TNA is in dire need of some more road agents. They only have two guys in Pat "Simon Diamond" Kenney and Glenn "Disco Inferno" Gilberti.

The lumberjacks in the Beer Money vs. LAX match at Victory Road on Sunday night were all fans and not local indy wrestlers. TNA worked with a local Houston radio station to run a contest asking fans to call in to win the chance at being a lumberjack at the pay-per-view. TNA also picked a national winner for providing the best video promo. It should also be noted that the winner happened to live in a nearby Texas town.

The TNA website has posted the commercial for the brand-new TNA Wrestling Trading Card series. During the commercial, the voice over man says, "TNA Wrestling presents its very first trading card set, TNA iMPACT!." This is actually untrue as TNA teamed up with Pacific Trading Cards Inc. to release a trading card set in 2004. Apparently, TNA hooked up with a dying company at the time as Pacific Trading Cards went out of business and had its properties purchased by Donruss one year later.