Scott Hall In Bad Shape Yet Again, RAW, SD!, Chyna Returning?, More

We have received several e-mails asking for an update on former WCW and WWE superstar Scott Hall, as many have expressed concern for his well being. Here is what I can tell you. As we previously reported, he did no-show an independent booking last month in Panama, and went on to miss dates for NWE in Spain. Hall has relapsed once again. At last word, he is in Florida with his on again, off again girlfriend, who is also a recovering addict. No one is able to get in touch with Hall, and at this point, all of his previous bookings have been postponed. I honestly wish I had better news to report.


According to Gamestop there will be a special edition of Smackdown vs Raw 09 that will come with a DVD, the soundtrack and a mini WWE program. No price or other info is known at this time. has released a number of inflatable chairs, tables and beds for summer.

In a recent interview, former WWE Diva Chyna said she wants to get back into wrestling soon.

From Danny Jones: "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase will be at Resurrection Life Worship Center on Sunday, July 20, 2008 for REDEMPTION. General Admission tickets are $10, front row is $15. You can purchase tickets online at