Stacy Keibler News, Linda Hogan/Boyfriend Trouble, DiBiase, More

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– Stacy Keibler recently spoke to The National Ledger about her work on the upcoming "Samurai Girl" miniseries and doing all her own stunts. "I did all my own stunts, and I had just an amazing time," says the gorgeous Keibler, who just wrapped shooting the six-hour mini that airs Sept. 5-7. "I got there early, and I was taught martial arts and to use the sword for a while before we even got into any of the choreography. Every day I wasn't working, I was training, but for me it came very naturally with my wrestling background and dancing."


– The Miami Herland has an article online with quotes from Ted DiBiase Sr. speaking on all three of his children now being involved in the wrestling business. You can check it out at this link.

– Apparently there has been a lot going on between Linda Hogan and her new 19-year-old boyfriend lately. Celeb gossip blog writes "The 47-year-old cougar hosted a party for [her boyfriend] Charlie on May 24th so she could meet his friends, who ended up stealing a bunch of pictures and valuables. The Enquirer reports that Charlie has been heard bragging to his friends about how he's taking her for every penny he can get... what a shocker." The article also quotes someone close to the situation who goes into somewhat graphic detail about their sex life and has some pictures of the couple together. You can check it out at this link.


– For those wondering about the current status of wrestling legend Walter "Killer" Kowalski, he remains in a nursing home in Boston in need of knee surgery. For anyone looking to send him a card, the address of the nursing home is 289 Elm St., Everett, Mass. 02149.