Steamboat Left Off Flair DVD, MyNetworkTV/SD!, RVD, Lots More

One name not interviewed on the new Flair DVD that I find odd myself is Ricky Steamboat. He and Flair had a series of wonderful matches back in the 80's so I really don't see why he wouldn't be on there.


MyNetworkTV has already started promoting the arrival of Smackdown! on its website with banners featuring Triple H, Undertaker, Michelle McCool, Edge and Rey Mysterio, who was drafted to RAW last week. A 15 second spot video advert titled 'WWE is coming' is also uploaded on the website. The season premiere on MyNetworkTV will be on October 3rd and it will be the first Smackdown! off UPN/CW Network for the first time since the show made its debut in 1999. Commercials on the network will start airing soon as well. The rights for Smackdown! are without a doubt MyNetworkTV' s biggest asset and the network is looking to capitalize on the WWE's show to reach a wider audience. WGN was the other network fighting for the Smackdown! rights. (Thanks to Colin Vassallo)


Rob Van Dam has a new blog entry up at

The 6/28 tri-banded show in Abilene drew 4,000 fans.

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The Charleston Post and Courier has an article up on John Cena's charity work at

The dark main event for the RAW show in New Orleans has been changed to John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs. JBL & Chris Jericho.