Jake Roberts has been posting reviews of Raw on his MySpace page the past three weeks. He wants to see more wrestling and less talking, as he actually tallies the number of minutes of wrestling action on Raw. Roberts wrote, “Tonight we’ve had a DQ, a count out, a girl-boy match, a lost match, an impromptu match, and Noble non-match, no referee. Tonight we had over 33 minutes of wrestling. A fluke? I hope not. Whatever the reason, I thank you. Still would be sweeter with more. Matches still don’t get enough time, and that’s how you make stars. Giving them time to establish exhibit show-ability and create character.”

Lance Storm absolutely ripped this week’s edition of Raw – or rather the JBL/Cena car crash angle – on his website. “That was the worst bloody ending to a wrestling show ever. Did WWE hear about the crap finish to the TNA PPV and decide to top it with something even dumber? This ruined the entire show for me and I am mad beyond words,” Storm wrote. He goes on to pick apart the angle, calling it the “Worst angle since Papa Shango put a voodoo curse on the Ultimate Warrior.” He also reviewed last week’s edition of ECW and took aim at former TNA wrestler Chris Harris’ lackluster television debut. Storm wrote, “Speaking of huge wastes, quite the debut for Braden Walker. I don’t know Chris Harris but anyone who shows up for their WWE debut in the worst shape of their career, deserves to be fired. Wellness policy aside, I don’t believe the treadmill is on the banned substance list!” You can read Storm’s comments at this StormWrestling.com.